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Tell Me More About… Anmer Hall

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking set to take up Anmer Hall as their country residence, we take a look at its history to tell you more about it.

Anmer Hall is a delightful property situated a few miles away from Her Majesty’s country retreat Sandringham House. The property is assumed to be currently being prepared for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to use as their own country retreat. The privatisation and adaptations being made to the property support this.

Anmer Hall sits in a very quiet village called Anmer in Norfolk. It is a grade 2 listed building and is a late Georgian property, Anmer Hall in its current form dates back to around 1802, but in fact the middle part of the house is much older. The house has 10 bedrooms and falls on Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estates as one of Her properties. The property has formed part of the Sandringham Estate since 1898.

The property is currently occupied by ‘James Everett’ who operates a timber company called Norfolk Oak. On his website, he states, “We lived here for twelve years now, and have run our timber business, Norfolk Oak Limited, from here for the last six years.”


Anmer Hall as it appears on Google Maps.

Before 1990, the house was occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Kent and their family, who moved in in 1972 when they were leased the property by Her Majesty The Queen. After leaving the property in 1990, they went to live in Crocker End House.

The property happens to be right next to a private local church also, making this an even more desirable property for Their Royal Highnesses.

The map below shows, circled, Sandringham House on the left and Anmer hall on the right, showing the proximity of the two. According to Google Maps, it’s 3.1 miles from Sandringham to Anmer Hall, making it an 8 minute drive.

Sandringham to Anmer

It looks like Their Royal Highnesses can look forward to moving into a wonderful and historic property in the coming months. Until then, we look forward to seeing its continued development.

Photo credits: Google Earth

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