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Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel: “Let us make Donald Trump King of USA”

Donald Trump is known for his controversial statements, which has made him unpopular not only in the United States but most parts of the world. After a series of controversial statements President Trump made last week, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had an unusual idea of what could be done with Trump. Many will argue that the plan is as much a criticism of the British Royal Family as a criticism of Trump.

Mr Kimmel’s idea was to turn the Trump family to the American royal family and Donald Trump King of the Unites States. As the programme itself describes, this is Kimmel’s plan for how the US can be saved from Trump.

See Kimmel’s suggestion about 10 minutes into the video. 

Kimmel said: “Instead of President, we make Donald Trump King. We make him the first King of America. England has a Queen. She lives in a palace. Everyone makes a big deal when she shows up; she has no power at all. In the morning, they put a crown on her head; she stands there and waves and goes back to bed.”

“If The Queen would walk out on her balcony and open her shirt, nothing over there would change. The Queen could be complete bonkers. It would make no difference at all. She still would be Queen; it would still be fine. That is what we need with Donald Trump,” Kimmel said.

Her Majesty The Queen. Photo: Home Office (CC BY 2.0)/ Flickr.

Although it is the first time Trump is proposed as King, the idea of the United States as a monarchy is not new. Before the election last year, an article was published in the New York Times where Americans were asked to consider introducing a monarchy.

Also in connection with the chaotic election last year, several people wanted Queen Elizabeth to become new monarch in the United States and replace the elected president. Buckingham Palace responded to these requests with the following statement: “Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.”

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