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Speculation Station: Letizia’s Quick Fix

Letizia, Princess of Asturias, is the wife of Spain’s Prince Felipe. Although not titled as Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Felipe and Letizia are still the next king and queen consort of Spain. Before marriage, she was Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano and worked as a notable television news journalist. She married Felipe in 2004.

Continuing with our series of plastic surgery Speculation Stations, we move from Monaco to Spain. Unlike in Princess Charlene’s case, Letizia’s surgery was confirmed by the Spanish Royal Family’s press office. According to them, the Princess of Asturias went under the knife in August 2008 to correct a “breathing problem” (deviated septum).

According to the official story, Letizia was advised by the king’s medical staff to undergo such an operation after suffering from this issue since childhood. Septoplasty is a common procedure used to straighten the cartilage separating the nostrils allowing the patient a more direct nasal airway. Pretty straight forward, right? However, septoplasty is an operation performed on the nasal interior and does not change the outward shape of the nose!  As explained on this Houston surgeon’s website, if the nose is to be reshaped, an additional procedure (cosmetic rhinoplasty) is needed in combination with the septoplasty. Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are often performed together and repairing the deviated septum provides a plausible reason for reshaping the nose while already undergoing surgery. Several stars have used the deviated septum excuse for their own nose jobs, most notably Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson.

Letizia’s nose bridge appears to have been straightened and the tip seems to have been upturned a bit. It doesn’t seem septoplasty alone could have caused these changes. It has also been alleged that Letizia’s chin was cosmetically reduced. Chin reductions are said to commonly accompany rhinoplasty, although it’s possible that this is just an illusion based on her smaller nose.

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