4 March 2013 - 21:57
Speculation Station: Charlene’s Transformation

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Princess Charlene (Charlene Wittstock) is the South African wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco. They married in July 2011 after dating for five years. Albert is the reigning prince of Monaco and son of the late Prince Rainier and American film actress Grace Kelly.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to recognize that Charlene Wittstock has transformed into a royal beauty since catching the eye of a certain prince. But is this change due to love’s lustrous glow (and high fashion) or the work of a knife and scalpel?

Several online forums allege that Charlene has been surgically enhanced on multiple occasions. I have to tell you that I 1000% agree. But, as there has been no official word on this matter, we shall speculate! To me, the question here isn’t if she’s had work done, but what work she’s had done. So that is what I’ll be speculating on.

The most obvious area of physical reform is Charlene’s nose. Her original nose had more of a down-turned appearance, as well as a curved and widened bridge. Photos of her from the early to mid 2000’s clearly indicate a severe change. This surgery appears to have been preformed in late 2007. Charlene also seems to have had a breast augmentation during that time, although this is the easiest point to contest. My logic here is that if she were willing to go through so many other changes, why not start with a simple boob job first? Most women do and I’m inclined to believe Charlene would have had similar thoughts.


Another obvious difference is her teeth. She seems to be wearing veneers (a false covering surgically attached to the outside of each tooth to improve appearance) and also appears to have had her gumline reconstructed using Gum Contouring Surgery.

The next adjustments are more subtle. There appear to have been some changes made to Charlene’s chin and possibly jawline. Charlene looks to have a much more squared jaw in early photos of her relationship with the prince. However, this is one surgery I’m not certain of. I believe that her changing jaw shape may be the result of another operation. Charlene’s chin has clearly been worked on and this may have caused her jawline to appear differently. I might also wager a medium-sized bet on her having cheek implants. Cheek implants commonly go along with chin implants and facelifts. At first I wasn’t certain of Charlene having had a facelift. I thought that any facelift-like symptoms could be contributed to botox injections, until I saw where her brows sat naturally in 2006 and where they sit now.

The rest of Charlene’s physical changes are minor compared to the ones above. Botox is practically a given with most princesses, and Charlene is no different. If you pay attention closely, you can tell when she has had it done recently. The same applies to collagen injections in her lips. In the event that she did not receive cheek implants, the rest of my money would be on collagen-injected cheek fillers. Like botox and lip injections, cheek fillers are not permanent and the procedure would have to be re-preformed every so often. These speculations are simply what I have visually observed in pictures of Princess Charlene. There have been no palace statements, viewing of medical records, or legal breaches of confidentiality. Just speculation, because that is the name of the game!

This is the first post in a series of Speculation Stations about royals with plastic surgery. Additional before and after photos of Charlene are available upon request. 

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