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Royal Report: Is Prince William To Quit RAF For Royal Life?

In the last few days, speculation has grown over the future of The Duke of Cambridge’s role in the RAF, as his tour with the RAF ends in September of this year, and it has been heavily rumoured that the royal will quit to take on more royal duties.

In recent years, Prince William, and wife The Duchess of Cambridge have been based in Angelesy, Wales. The royal couple have been able to live there, while William works. It has allowed them relative privacy, and the press has never revealed too many details of their time in Anglesey. The couple, enjoy beach walks, cinema trips and Catherine has been regularly spotted shopping in her local supermarket, stocking up on potatoes and energy giving cereal. They have only had limited members of staff while at home, and The Duchess has been keen to be a supportive wife to her husband.

It was suggested that The Queen had encouraged this time before they both take on full time royal commitments, The Queen enjoyed time in Malta after marrying Prince Philip and it was reported to be one of her fondest memories. There was also a strong feel, that the Royal family wanted to give Catherine time to adjust to her new life.

However, in 2013, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set for big changes, both in their personal and professional lives. After an incredible year of Jubilee celebrations in 2012, the royal couple announced Catherine was expecting in December. With the baby on the way, the couple will now move into Kensington Palace full time later this year. This will able the couple to have the support of a team, as they juggle parenthood with their royal commitments. The move to Kensington Palace has been seen a crucial step for the the Duke and Duchess, as they will form part of the modern monarchy, that will one day see William become The King, with Catherine being his Queen consort.

Prince William, has been keen to continue his work for the RAF, and last year in an interview with ABC News, revealed the pressures of balancing his search-and-rescue role, with his royal duties.

“It’s a really difficult one because I really enjoy my time in the Air Force and I’d love to continue it, but the pressures of my other life are building,” he told Kate Couric.

The job he loves very much is also set to be documented in the new BBC series Helicopter Rescue, and during the series Prince William reveals a lot of passion for his job.

“I don’t think there’s any greater calling in life… to be able to see a son or daughter’s face when you bring their mother or father back from the edge of death,” he says on the show which begins next week.

So, as the pressures of royal life build, what will the Prince decide? The Queen, now 86, spent her first time in hospital last month, in almost ten years. The Queen’s greatest support, The Duke of Edinburgh is also 91. They both carry out hundreds of engagements each year. Last year, the Jubilee tour saw the pair visit the country up and down, and next month the Duke of Edinburgh will make a visit to Canada. Despite their age, both are determined to carry on the job for life, but this has led many to call for the younger royals to step up.

With a ‘Modern Monarchy’ being the lasting images of the Diamond Jubilee – Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry – the five appeared with Her Majesty on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace, as the celebrations reached its big finale. Many commented, this was The Queen, introducing the next generation, the hands that her beloved commonwealth would one day be in. The Five, who will become the essential key members of the Royal Family, as it survives in a changing, modern world.

So as his tour is due to end, a new baby and royal duties increasing, will the Prince leave his dream job? That is yet to be seen, there are options for William, one would be to stay with the RAF for a little longer, another would see him quit entirely to support his wife with their baby, due in July and to take on a full time royal diary. An announcement, is due to made soon, and one thing that is certain, 2013 marks the beginning of change for William.

The Prince who has been able to enjoy his private and professional life, will soon have to step further into the life of a working royal, that will one day see him become The King.

photo credit: Keith Laverack via photopin cc

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