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Royal Nursery Diary – Week 1: Getting To Know Baby

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave the London limelight and its throngs of eager well wishers for the serene countryside of Bucklebury, this week marks the long-awaited beginning of the young Royals’ exciting and daunting journey into parenthood…


Week 1 promises to provide a treasure trove of memories to cherish for years to come. Here is an inside look at what’s in store for the new Royal Family in the coming days…

A Week Of Firsts
First cry, first admiring gaze, first touch of delicate and transparent newborn skin, first kiss where a crown shall one day rest, first pangs of unconditional motherly love and protective fatherly instinct, first skin-to-skin embrace, first smell of Dad’s cologne, first nappy (well executed by the Duke, on account of the Duchess, beaming with pride), first life-giving feeding, first realization of the awesome responsibility that lies ahead.


…First carefully chosen outfit, first photographs, first visitors, first portrait, first huddle with security guards, first entrance amidst cheers and camera clicks, first press conference before a boisterous and swooning audience, first ride in the Range Rover chauffeured by Dad…


…First encounter with extended family, first naps (on average, newborns nap 17 out of 24 hours), first night (interrupted by feedings every 2-3 hours), first trip, first settling into a cozy nursery… first realization that Mummy’s arms are best, and that her voice is the compass that brings comfort, nourishment and security.

Leaving Lindo Wing

Leaving Lindo Wing

Poking And Prodding
Prior to the quintessential counting of the fingers and toes, little Prince George will have been given a graduating AGPAR score under the warming light. The future king would then receive his first head-to-toe examination followed by a vitamin K shot to boost his blood-clotting ability, while Mum receives her oxytocin shot to contract the uterus and prevent it from hemorrhaging.

The little prince’s length and head circumference would have been measured, and a first turn on the cold, hard scale would reveal a healthy weight of 8 lbs. 6 oz.

The Son

All newborns receive a hearing test prior to being discharged from hospital and, between Friday and Sunday, Prince George will be subjected to a newborn heel-prick blood spot screening for phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, sickle-cell disease, and cystic fibrosis, among other conditions. Mum may be asked to nurse during this emotional ordeal for both mother and child… Finally, the decision whether or not to circumcise will have been discussed with the hospital pediatrician.

As the new parents take pleasure in getting to know their little boy, they will be amazed to discover how fragile he is from his paper-thin earlobes, how perfectly created he is inside and out by the quick darting of his little tongue, how strong he is from the firm grip he has on his father’s pinky finger, and how brilliant he is as he confidently finds his nourishment. If he does not scratch himself first, Duchess Catherine will put mittens on him, and hesitantly trim his soft, rounded miniature fingernails.

Close up picture of the new royal baby.

Close up picture of the new royal baby.

Bath time will reveal yet another set of discoveries, such as his love or distaste for warm water and soothing baby massage, the appearance of freckles, stork bites or birth marks, and a multitude of little white milia on his button nose.

Prince George’s long and fine legs will be bow-legged at first, and his tiny fingers will be busy piano-playing in the air. He will turn bright red as he announces nappy time, and even deeper shades of red as he angrily cries for warmth, food, sleep, or Mummy’s loving arms… A proud Duke of Cambridge will firmly burp his little heir over his shoulder, and cradle him to sleep… He and the Duchess might even learn a few lullabies or find soothing music to lull him to sleep.

The little prince will exhibit a fascinating array of reflexes… The Moro reflex causes babies to “starfish” when startled, even in their sleep. The Babinski reflex will cause him to flex his big toe while fanning out the others as Duchess Catherine strokes the bottom of his feet. The step reflex will reveal a brilliant stepping motion when held up with his feet on a firm surface.

The rooting reflex will allow him to instinctively find the breast for nourishment… And finally, the tongue-thrust reflex will enable a good latch during feedings, and cause him to stick out his tongue when Prince William’s clean pinky finger is placed on it.

Away from the prying eyes of adoring fans and photographers, such will be the joyous daily miracles that will be celebrated in the Cambridge-Middleton household this week…


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