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Royal Fiction – Or Is It?


Fiction and reality sometimes come together in a riveting way. Sometimes the imagined work of a novelist, almost in a prescient way, tells the story of life and death. And this is certainly the case with the Dancing Priest novels as the author, Glynn Young, draws us into the future of the British Royal Family in ways that are almost uncanny.

As the book promo reads, “In Dancing Priest, Michael Kent faced tragedy and triumph, love and loss, was called as an Anglican priest, became an international Olympic hero, discovered his connections to the British Royal Family, and reunited with the girl of his dreams. In A Light Shining, the sequel to Dancing Priest, Michael faces his greatest and most violent challenge yet. But will it be his last?”

Dancing Priest introduces us to Michael Kent, a theology student studying at Edinburgh University and dreaming of becoming an Olympic cyclist. Unknown to Michael at the time we meet him, he is actually fourth in line to the British throne. And Dancing Priest takes us on his journey with him. We are almost part of the story as he loves and loses, and then loves again. We see him head to the Olympics as part of the British cycling team where he meets tragedy and triumph. We are with him as he discovers his connections to the British Royal Family, and then heads to America as an Anglican minister and deals with personal obstacles, death and the beginning of a future he cannot even begin to imagine.

A Light Shining continues where Dancing Priest left us, but from the beginning takes a more serious tone. A terrorist plot is in play. One which unveils itself as we journey with the newly married Michael Kent and a forthcoming baby. And when the plot moves from plot to action, mayhem, tragedy and violence on a national scale are unleashed. And we are not sure who will live and who will carry the British throne forward, if Britain survives. In many ways, the depth of character and story lines mirror today’s real world events.

Both these books are the type of novel that grabs you and refuses to let you go. They are the kind of story that has you thinking, “just one more chapter and then I’ll go to bed.”

The books are available in e-book and print in the UK and the US in a variety of places, including and

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