Royal Fashion Round-up with Chloe: Trooping the Colour 2014

15 June 2014 - 11:17am
Edited by Chloe Howard
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At yesterday’s Trooping the Colour ceremony for The Queen’s official birthday saw the extended Royal Family file out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace, and so Royal Fashion Round-up will take a look at those not in uniforms!

We shall start with Her Majesty The Queen, who reused a pale blue number, worn to the Australian Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in 2011. It is by Angela Kelly, and is a simple coat, with navy motif on the front, about waist-height, and one on the hemline of the dress beneath. The hat was similar, light blue with a navy brim and the same motif on the cap, set to the right.

queen happy

She wore the regimental badge of the Grenadier Guards, the Coldstream Guards, the Welsh Guards, the Irish Guards, and the Scots Guards, all in one badge. The Queen wears this every year to her birthday parade.

The Duchess of Cornwall chose a pink outfit, a Bruce Oldfield crepe skirt suit with a white top beneath. The jacket had a v-neck, revealing the top, and was fastened with 4 buttons at the waist. The skirt was a simple piece. Camilla’s hat was one she had used at Trooping in 2010; it’s a wide-brimmed baby pink number, with a large darker pink flower and sprays to the side, from Philip Treacy. She carried a cream clutch, and wore her large pink-stoned choker, which is supposedly a gift from Prince Charles.

cam happy

The nature of Trooping means the only footwear we get to see is the Queen’s, but her shoes were no doubt a pastel shade to compliment the outfit.


The Duchess of Cambridge wore a grey Alexander McQueen skirt suit, in a material with McQueen’s signature skull motif, visible in only the clearest of pictures. The jacket is fastened by hooks, so no button detailing here, but there were buttons on the sleeves. There was no collar either, like the McQueen dove-grey coat worn to the Easter service in Sydney, but notches in the neckline, and there was a slight flare at the hip.

This was paired with a bespoke Jane Taylor hat, in a teardrop shape with floral embellishment on top. Kate wore her Anoushka pearl drop earrings and a new large brooch, which is believed to be a gift from the Australia leg of The Cambridge’s tour; it is 3 large pearl-like stones with two smaller on top, like an incomplete triangle. She carries a cream suede McQueen clutch.

kat hap

Again, the shoes were not visible, but perhaps her cream ‘Harper’ shoes from LK Bennett, worn to the aforementioned Easter Service, or a pair of Emmy heels in charcoal.

The Countess of Wessex chose a white flowery-lace piece, which seemed a little unusual against the coat dresses and jackets worn by the rest of the family. The dress was Bruce Oldfield, which was also worn to the Thanksgiving Service for the Diamond Jubilee. There was a grey camisole beneath it, but the arms were transparent; the dress was also belted, with ¾ rolled sleeves. Sophie’s fascinator was from Jane Taylor, though the exact design has not been confirmed.

Princess Eugenie opted for a subtle tan/beige number. It had double-breasted buttons with a tie at the waist, and a wide scoop neck, almost like a trench coat. Her fascinator was in the same colour and was unusual, curving down around her head with a fern print on top.

Both Sophie and Eugenie were hidden in these particular images, standing behind The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

The extended family came out to celebrate, and we saw Lady Gabriella Windsor, Princess Michael of Kent, The Duchess of Gloucester, and their children to name but a few. Here is a picture showing the whole family on the balcony, so you can see for yourselves what everyone else wore; this edition would become an essay if I wrote about everyone!

whole fmauly


Pictures with thanks to @Happynglorious 


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  • Emily Seagle

    ” ostentatious pink-stoned choker, which is supposedly a gift from Prince Charles” Why so snarky about the Duchess of Cornwall, Chloe?

    • chloe

      It wasn’t a snarky comment – I’m a big Camilla fan. The stone on the choker is huge – ostentatious can just mean showy, which it is; it makes a statement when worn. The ‘supposedly from Charles’ is to indicate the origin of the necklace is not confirmed.

      • Emily Seagle

        characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
        “books that people buy and display ostentatiously but never actually finish”
        synonyms:showy, pretentious, conspicuous, flamboyant, gaudy, brash, vulgar, loud,extravagant, fancy, ornate, overelaborate; More

  • Greg Staunton

    What a sanctimonious post you have made, you speak nothing of the bravery and dedication of Prince Harry with his two tours of Afghanistan nor the men who actually trooped the colour, their dedication to the nation, their Queen and on how well they performed. All I can say is Yawn, if this this is the epbest you can come up with I wish you the very best of luck with your career, you really are going to need it.

    • Cindy Stockman

      This is a separate ongoing series about fashion and the Royals. Royal Central does cover Prince Harry and dedication to the military. There was also extensive coverage of Trooping the Colour that certainly covered the ceremony as well as article on it’s rich history.

      • chloe

        As Cindy says, this is a completely separate piece. They are kept separate so as to not detract from the importance of other stories, like charity works, by talking about fashion.

        • Greg Staunton

          Perhaps you should get your web team to get you unlisted as a news source and listed as fashion instead. Imagine the horror I felt as an ex-guardsman living abroad when your story was at the top of the news listings in Google when what I was looking was some footage and nice news from home on such an important British day and all I found was this story. I was disgusted.

          • Royal Central

            Hello. As you should have been able to tell by the title of this post, it is about the fashion worn by members of the Royal Family at Trooping the Colour, we have and continue to post about other aspects of the Queen’s Birthday Parade (if you look through our site) including the nature of the dual role of the Guards division (ceremonial and operational).

            That said, the fact you clicked on this post, clearly titled ‘Royal Fashion roundup’ leads me to believe you knew what to expect.

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