Royal Fashion Round-up with Chloe: May edition (part II)

30 May 2014 - 09:00am
Edited by Chloe Howard
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After a few busy weeks, I’ve had to split May into 3 parts! With Her Majesty’s vast wardrobe this fortnight, the final pieces of Royal Fashion Round-up will be in another post, released shortly after this one.

For now, we focus solely on Her Majesty, The Queen.  At The Royal Windsor Horse show, Her Majesty showed us a number of outfits. The first was a cornflower blue coat with silver button details, over a white and blue floral patterned dress. The hat matched the coat and had a black and white floral spray on the front.  queen gavin This blue number was accessorised with Prince Albert’s Sapphire brooch, given to Victoria the day before the couple married. It is simply a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The Queen wore a pair of simple pearl earrings and 2 rows of pearls, which like her 3-strand necklaces, are hard to tell apart, as she has numerous pieces. White gloves finished her look.    

For another show at Windsor, The Monarch chose an aquamarine number, with silver double-breasted buttons. Again her necklace was just 2 pearl strands, but her earrings were once more Queen Mary’s buttons.  

The brooch seems to be Queen Victoria’s 11 pearl brooch; it features 11 pearls, arranged in a diamond shape, with three as pendants. It was a favourite of The Queen Mother, who decided to keep it even after her daughter ascended the throne (Victoria left it to The Crown in her will, so it should have been passed along). The Queen has also been seen dressed down at the Horse Show, wearing a variety of tartan/tweed skirt/shirt combinations. 


At RHS Chelsea Flower Show, The Queen wore a lavender and green Karl Ludwig outfit, but no hat. The satin jacket features trim in the same pattern of the dress it was worn over. She chose her Iris Brooch, which was a gift from the Royal Horticultural Society. It was designed by Kristjan Eyjolfsson, using recycled British white gold with conflict-free diamonds and other stones; there is a single large yellow diamond in the centre, with numerous others including tourmalines, amethysts, diamonds, and 60 sapphires one for each year of the Queen’s reign, as it was given in 2012. 

To visit HMS Lancaster, Her Majesty chose a pale blue coat over a pale blue and white dress. The collar has the material the dress is made from as trim, as do the pockets. The Queen wore white gloves, black patent shoes and a matching handbag. 

The brooch is one of three, commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1858. The set is one large bow and two smaller ones, but The Queen prefers to wear the larger on its own. Her hat was white in colour, with an unusual angled top, complete with a pale blue ribbon and bow, plus trim around the brim. May marked the first Garden Party of the year and The Queen chose a lilac Angela Kelly coat with v-neck, and double-breasted buttons; the dress beneath was a bright floral print dress, the coat picking up the purple tones.

The Queen’s hat naturally matched her coat, and whose brim was at an angle, allowing for the floral decoration to be extended to under the brim along with the dark purple trim. The Sapphire Feather Brooch was a wedding gift from jewellers Carringtons, featuring a curved feather shape and a large sapphire at the widest point of the feather.  

These are not the only outfits of Her Majesty, so there will be another few photos in the next Royal Fashion Round up with Chloe!

Picture with thanks to @GavinSinclair1

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