Royal Fashion Round-up with Chloe: May edition (part I)

16 May 2014 - 09:00am
Edited by Cindy Stockman
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Once more The Royal women have been out in force for engagements, with a plethora of fashions and pieces to showcase.

The Countess of Wessex

We start with The Countess of Wessex in Weymouth, visiting Weymouth Community Safety Centre with her husband. Prince Edward . The Countess chose an Emilia Wickstead blouse, a designer she has worn for her last few engagements. It is an oversized blouse in a black horizontal stripe material, which is sheer in the 3/4 sleeves. This was teamed with a simple black pencil skirt.

Her hair was tied back with a black clip, which showed off her Arampali diamond earrings well; these earrings look like small disco balls of diamonds, and added a sparkle to Sophie’s outfit. She chose yet another clutch by Sophie Habsburg, another barrel shape with metallic detailing. Her shoes were Bruce Oldfield, a pair of pointed black suede heels, with leather trim and patches on the toe and back of the heel.

On a trip to Reading, The Countess chose a simple knee-length Roland Mouret teal coloured dress; the dress has t-shirt style sleeves and a hexagonal cut neckline.

with thanks to Clare Ambler

with thanks to Clare Ambler

This was worn under a cream blazer, with zip pocket detail, and teamed with a pair of peach coloured LK Bennett ‘Harley’ heels. A cream fold-over clutch with embellishment was seen under her arm and she chose small diamond studs and a snowflake style pendant, both from Heavenly Necklaces.

Sophie seems to favour her hair tied back, and it was so again today.

The Countess visited British Wheelchair Basketball recently and wore a white Alexander McQueen crepe fitted jacket with a wide collar and hidden buttons. Unusually this was paired with simple black pencil-leg trousers, and her Bruce Oldfield shoes, mentioned above. Sophie wore her Heavenly Necklaces pearl drop earrings, of which The Duchess of Cambridge has a pair, and a Sophie Habsburg crochet clutch in black.   

Appearing as a favourite of Sophie’s, The Countess wore an Emilia Wickstead dress and matching jacket in cream to engagements in the South-West. The jacket is a bolero style piece, square in its cut and the dress has a waistband, and no sleeves.

Earl and Countess crossing with EM

Sophie Habsburg Paola clutch was reused from the other day, as were the LK Bennett ‘Harley’ shoes in peach/tan. Gold and silver check hoops were on show thanks to Sophie’s hair in a bun. 

Princess Anne

The Princess Royal unveiled a memorial to the Royal Vetinary Corps at the National Memorial Arboretum. The Princess Royal chose a beige mac style coat with a red scarf visible. She wore a brooch between her collar, unfortunately indistinguishable in pictures, and chose long black low-heeled boots for the occasion. Black gloves and a brown handbag completed her look.

In Malvern, Anne chose a red jacket atop a tartan dress with collar and brown suede knee-high boots. A golden brooch, which seems to be a simplified rose, was seen on her left side and black gloves and a handbag completed her look.

Anne Chris Collins Phil Evans

The Queen

When Her Majesty visited Essex she wore a cream waffle-material collarless dress-coat with dark brown weaved tassel trim.  Her hat was the same colour cream with feathers and sprays on it in black and cream. The Queen wore her trio-pearl strand necklace and her Queen Mary Button earrings again.

Her Daffodil Spray brooch features 3 yellow daffodil flowers with sprays coming off them. It was likely a Diamond Jubilee gift, though not much is known about it currently; it was worn for an unusual portrait of Her Majesty by the Welsh Rugby Union. A pair of black patent shoes with handbag and black gloves were the finishing touches.

The Queen last wore this coat/hat combination to celebrate the London Tube’s 150th birthday with The Duke of Edinburgh and Duchess of Cambridge.


with thanks to New Hall School


The Queen also attended a celebration of Journalists. She chose a golden marl dress with matching jacket, which featured a round neckline and cream buttons. Naturally her hat matched, and featured a lily arrangement on the front; white satin gloves were the finishing touch.

Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that Her Majesty wore her ‘everyday’ jewellery – Queen Mary’s button earrings and her pearls; her brooch was The Pearl Triangle Brooch, though there is little info about this piece, other than it has a yellow diamond at its centre and two large pearls around it, creating and unusual ‘vertical’ piece. 

At The Service of The Order of the Bath, The Queen was in full regalia, including a tiara! The tiara is the ‘Girls of Britain and Ireland tiara’, a gift for Queen Mary’s wedding in 1893, and from Queen Mary to Princess Elizabeth for the same reason in 1947. It was designed by Garrard and has been altered slightly over the years; Mary replaced the pearls on top of the tiara’s scrolls with diamonds (as it is today) and had the bandeau at the bottom removed to be worn as a necklace or headband. The Queen had it attached once more in the late 1960s, and seems to be one of Her Majesty’s favourites, perhaps due to its lightweight nature compared to other jewel-heavy pieces. 

The Queen’s earrings are Queen Mary’s floret earrings, inherited upon her grandmother’s death: they feature a large diamond surrounded by 7 smaller ones, having been extracted from another pair of earrings before. For the ceremony, the Monarch naturally wore the collar, badge and mantle of The Order of the Bath. For the glamour of the occasion, Her Majesty chose silver Mary-Jane style shoes and a matching handbag.

Another portrait of Her Majesty has been released by David Bailey. She wears the George VI Sapphire necklace and earrings, which was also a gift for Her Majesty’s wedding day. Created by Carringtons and set in gold, each sapphire is surrounded by diamonds, and the pendant is detachable, for use as a brooch too. The Queen has had a bracelet and tiara made to match this set, and also had the necklace shortened by a few links. 

The Duchess of Cornwall:

At DMS Whittington, The Duchess chose a pale green Anna Valentine coat with matching dress beneath. The coat has a pleated skirt and padded shoulders, with large pockets and a deep V-neck, so a pale blue floral patterned scarf was chosen to keep the chill at bay.


Much like The Queen, Camilla has a few pieces of jewellery she wears regularly, and she has numerous versions of her pearl-strand and clasp necklaces. To this event, she wore a 4-strand pearl necklace, with large silver clasp with clear stones, probably diamonds, beneath her scarf; on her wrists she wore a charity wristband and a gold multi-stoned bracelet, with a black-strap watch. A brown clutch bag and small heeled shoes finished off  Camilla’s look.


For a visit to Oxford the Duchess chose a white skirt suit with black trim. The jacket had a high, round neckline and an exposed black zip. On her jacket was a butterfly brooch, and her trusty pearl clasp necklace, the same as in the picture above. The outfit was paired with patent black heels

 At Rigmer Community College Camilla chose a black skirt suit with a small white square print, the same she wore to her brother’s funeral just a few weeks ago. The jacket had a chiffon tie around the waist and a scalloped collar with mesh trim, as did the sleeves; it was worn with a pair of black heels. 


Photos: Clare Ambler, New Hall School, (c) Chloe Howard 2014

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