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Royal Family Look-Alike Relatives Photo Wall

Some people say that certain members of the Royal Family look very similar and others look nothing alike. Well here is a photo wall of members of the Royal Family who we think look most alike. There are royals from different generations and current royals at different ages in here too.

Why not drop us a comment at the bottom of this post and tell us what you think of our matching up and suggest your own look-alikes we may include!

1. Queen Elizabeth II (young) and Lady Louise Windsor

public-amb5-78730-jpg     parameter

2. Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice Of York

bea1     SNN2636BB_682_741390a


3. Prince Edward and Prince William

PrinceEdward_1605604c     Prince-William_25

4. King George V and Prince Michael Of Kent

king-george-v     gc08_PrinceMichael

5. Prince Edward, Duke Of Kent and Prince Charles

Eddie     Charlie

6. Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother and Princess Eugenie Of York

queen-mother1     Princess+Eugenie+British+Royals+Attend+Christmas+jFECJOosHfEl

7. King George VI and Prince Edward

George_VI_of_the_united_Kingdom     Prince Edward Presents Duke of Edinburgh Awards In Sydney

8. King George VI and Prince Richard, Duke Of Gloucester

GeorgeVIPhotograph     richard_gloucester

9. Prince Andrew and Peter Phillips

Prince Andrew     3094

Suggest your Royal Family resemblances in the comment via Facebook box below. If we like them, we will add them!

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