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Royal Central’s Updates Plan For May-June

Vivid colour photograph of inside the Abbey during The Queen's coronation service.

May has already proven to be another greatly successful month for Royal Central. We have gained an average of around 1,500 extra visitors per day on site and we’re continuing to grow.

As part of a series of changes we’re introducing, partially to accommodate the new bloggers and reporters we’ve taken on, here is a list of the changes we’re planning to introduce in the next month or so to help make Royal Central even better.

  • We will be firstly updating author profiles to make them more blog like so browsing through our writers’ posts is less like a list and more like a blog. We’ll be including more social media integration for these blogs too.
  • We will continue to take on more reporters and bloggers to ensure we can cover as many royal events as possible.
  • We’ll be establishing some separate subcategories for blogging, including a new ‘Opinion’ section – we’ll be further expanding the blogs section too.
  • We’ll work to introduce payments to all our writers over the next month and to increase the amounts we can pay.
  • We’ll be working to make Royal Central more colourful and interactive, in response to an internal request.
  • Videos we produce will play a more prominent role in articles, especially videos of events etc.

To let you all know how we’re getting on, here is a short list of some of the changes we made last month to improve the site.

  • We recently introduced a new design for our writers’ zone, including more tools and easier to use facilities to make posting even quicker and easier.
  • We introduced a new post layout to improve article visibility and allow more freedom for the placement of media.
  • We introduced payments for our writers to reward them for their work.
  • We introduced many new writers on site to improve the amount of coverage we have.
  • We have worked in response to our recent survey and introduced more media to our posts.

We hope you find these changes to be beneficial to your use of Royal Central. If you have something you’d like to tell us about Royal Central we’d love to hear it. Email the Editor on

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