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Queen Elizabeth, Wartime Heroine

the-queen-mother-2Adolf Hitler once described the late Queen Mother, Queen Consort at the time, as the most dangerous woman in Europe. Dangerous, I think not but defiant and loved she very much was. When the Luftwaffe’s Blitzkrieg of Britain began both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were heavily advised to move themselves and their two children to safety, Queen Elizabeth dismissed this idea straight away and famously said “The children will not leave without me, I will not leave without the King and the King will never leave”, hardly a woman who would be scared that easily out of her own home.

Although Queen Elizabeth conceded and the two Princesses were moved to Windsor Castle, herself and the King remained at Buckingham Palace and both made frequent visits to bombed out areas of not just London but the whole country who were suffering just the same. It was perhaps the first bombing of Buckingham Palace on 13th September 1940 that really cemented Queen Elizabeth as a wartime heroine. Once again not being scared in to evacuation, the King and Queen just hours after the attack toured another part of London which had been near enough obliterated with the Queen quoted as saying she could ” now look the east end in the face”, this was a Queen who in no way wanted to be away from her people but one who wanted to help her people and if necessary share what they were going through. It appears that the Queen was in a way relieved when Buckingham Palace was bombed for now she could relate to the people who had gone through these attacks on a daily basis. The Palace was subject to a number of attacks in the near future but once more the defiant Queen was determined to not let the Nazis defeat her family and her country.

This defiant attitude was quite possibly the biggest morale boost for war torn Britain. The whole country came to have the attitude “we are all in this together”, which they quite literally were. I can see why Queen Elizabeth was described as dangerous, her determination to never let the Nazis win was a threat to German interests. Should we have had a Queen Consort who had put herself before duty then in my opinion the people of Britain would have never have “Kept Calm and Carried On” and quite possibly the outcome of the Blitzkrieg would have been a great deal worse.

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