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Proudly Introducing Our New Project… ‘Royal Debate’

Weeks in the working and after a series of trial and error moments, we are ready to announce publicly our new feature. In a few weeks’ time, this will go live available for all to view, browse and use.

We’d like to introduce you to ‘Royal Debate’. Royal Debate is a questions and answers base, almost like a forum but without the confusing threads and the like. Royal Debate will allow you to ask a direct question about the royals and get a direct, straight answer from another member or an admin.

Equally, royal experts can join on up and help answer questions posed to the site. We may run an incentive scheme soon for most questions answered!

royal debate logo


The website will be – there’s just a placeholder page at the moment but soon there’ll be more!

Technically, it will be separate from Royal Central, though it will be run by us! We’re keen to get royal experts, enthusiasts and all manner of royal interestees involved and information on how to do so will become available soon!

We anticipate this new project will be open to beta testing in a few days’ time and fully ready in about 2-3 weeks.

We will be tweeting more about this and creating links and more info around our site!

Many thanks.

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