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Prince George Saves the day!

Even though he is only fifteen months old, Prince George is a hero to the children at the Chirton Village School in Wiltshire.

Recently the Chirton Village school was under the threat of closure due to a low number of enrolments. In 2012, the school taught just 19 children and only four more students joined the 2013 reception class.

When they heard that their beloved school was to close, the students took matters into their own hands. During an exercise on persuasive writing, eleven students, aged seven to eleven, wrote a letter to Prince George, as well as to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, appealing for their help. They even invited The Duke and Duchess to enrol Prince George into their school when he becomes old enough, as a testament to how much they love the education they are receiving at Chirton.

The Chirton Village School prides itself on being a “Forest School”, meaning the school children spend time in an outdoor classroom each week as a means to build independence and self-esteem, as well as learn about the ecosystem that surrounds them.


The Duke and Duchess were so impressed with the students’s dedication to their education, that they wrote a personal reply to each student as well as enclosed a picture of the couple with Prince George.

Much like his mother, Prince George has an effect on people that is hard to deny, and since the news broke about the Royal couple’s interest in Chirton, there has been a flurry of phone calls requesting admittance. According to the Associate Headteacher, Amy Bekker Wrench, the student roster has currently reached 45 pupils, which is more than enough to save the school.

There is such an interest in enrolment that Ms Bekker Wrench says that the school governors are in discussion with the Wiltshire Council how they can expand. “We are very lucky as we have a big field so there would be room for a new school to be built while the old one is still in existence. It would really be a dream come true.”


Photo Credit: Government House NZ/Woolfe/Crown

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