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The growing trend of Royals using social media

Earlier this week, Prince Andrew joined the growing world of social media as he became the third member of the British Royal Family to join Twitter.

The Duke of York, using the handle @TheDukeOfYork, joined The Queen who is represented by the British Monarchy Twitter page @BritishMonarchy and brother Prince Charles who lets people know what he is up to through the handle @ClarenceHouse.


Prince Andrew joined Twitter on Monday.

Prince Andrew, whose first tweet was “Welcome to my Twitter account,” has already amassed 23,000 followers since his page was created on Monday morning.

In recent years, along with the British, many members of Royals from around the world have joined the world of Social media.

Most royal households have joined Facebook, and Sweden and Norway regularly keep their country updated with news on their official pages.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden also has her own Facebook page, and uses the social platform to show the work she does for her charities. The Princess also uploads personal pictures and after her wedding to American Chris O’Neill, posted a honeymoon snap.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 17.26.59

Princess Madeleine posted this honeymoon snap on her official Facebook page with the caption “Enjoying the peaceful ocean”. Photo: Madeleine of Sweden/Facebook.

Queen Rania of Jordan, also often uses her Facebook page and Tweets regularly about her job as the Queen describing herself as “A mum and a wife with a really cool day job,” in her Twitter bio. Joining Queen Rania on Twitter is Crown Princess Mette-Merit of Noway who also uses Twitter to support the charity work she does.

As well as Facebook and Twitter, Royals have also started using the picture app Instagram as a way of connecting with the public. Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece is a keen user of the app and often posts pictures to her 12,000 followers.

Last month, as she attended the wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden to Chris O’Neill, Marie-Chantal posted snaps throughout the day allowing royal watchers to keep up with the day’s celebrations.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 17.19.25

Princess Marie-Chantal(Far-right) posted several pictures from Sweden’s Royal Wedding. Here she is pictured with Greek royals Princess Theodora and Princess Tatiana. Photo: Marie-Chantal/Instagram

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