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Parenting the Three Heirs

BP30DVXCQAA0s90.png-largeSay what you will about the personal issues Diana, Princess of Wales had and was on display through the media. One can say for certain, she was a positive influence on the Duke of Cambridge for the 15 years she was alive and his “mummy.” It has now been almost 16 years since her tragic death and although she is not a physical presence in the Duke of Cambridge’s life, after yesterday when he carried his newborn son out in the car seat, made sure he was safe and secure and drove away, you saw the lessons he learned as a lad from his mother’s hands on parenting and deep love for her children.

Looking back on the past three births of the next three Kings of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, one may surmise that the monarchy has morphed into true modernity.  The Prince of Wales early years were typical for that of royalty: nannies and governesses were the norm. Her Majesty and Prince Phillip had a duty to the country, first. This was the way it was for centuries and it was the way it would continue. There was one slight change that would steer a bit from the long standing traditions: Prince Charles would attend school and not be educated by private tutors. Prince Phillip was a stern disciplinarian and believed in tradition. Prince Charles was sent off first to Cheam Preparatory school then to his father’s Alma mater Gordonstoun. It was at Gordonstoun, with its rather archaic rules and corporal punishment that affected Prince Charles’ future role as a father.

hefhewjeWhen Prince William came along in 1982, Prince Charles showed to the world a more hands on approach then many were used to seeing. Many breaks with royal tradition came about with the birth of Prince William. Prince William attended independent schools as a young lad, then the true break with tradition: Eton College instead of Gordonstoun.

When Diana, Princess of Wales’s death stunned the world, Prince Charles seemed to shock everyone himself as he not only became a more hands on father but needed to take on the role of mother and fill the void Diana left behind. In the last 16 years the world has watched a shy Prince became a college graduate, Flight Lieutenant William Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, a husband and now a father.

This brings us to the newest heir, Prince George. What type of parents will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge be? If yesterday was any indication, one believes we will witness even more of a shakeup in tradition and witness an even more modern monarchy!

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