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Our Top 5 Royal Video Clips Of All Time

Reading about royalty is great, but watching royalty is better! Here’s a small collection of our favourite videos of the British Royal Family of all time. Ranging from moments caught on camera to compilation videos. Ranked from top as #5 to our best ranked, #1 at the bottom. Enjoy!

5. ‘The True Cost Of The Royal Family Explained’

This is a very detailed and accurate video explaining that the UK would actually lose out on taxes if we didn’t have a Monarchy with interesting facts and a fun presentation style. What’s not to like?

4. The Royal Family – 1969

This clip is from a very old, very sought after and very restricted film called ‘Royal Family’. Royal Family  was a 1969 documentary about the Queen and her family made at the time of Prince Charles’s investiture as the Prince of Wales. It was withdrawn only a few years later for being ‘too intrusive’. It has never been seen in full since and only this clip and a few other shorter ones are in circulation!

3. ‘Andy & Fergie Before They Were Married’

This is perhaps one of the most stirring videos available. It depicts a young Andrew and Fergie before they got married on camera for a special promo video. The naturalness between each other and genuine warmth makes it tricky to see how they ever split up!

2. ‘Highlights of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations’

The Diamond Jubilee was without doubt one of the most spectacular events in the history of the British Monarchy, here is the highlights promo for the Jubilee weekend.

1. ‘The Queen Off Duty’

This is our favourite video, a lovely compilation clip set of Her Majesty truly relaxing around family, a side we rarely get to see!

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