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Why are the media so harsh to Cressida Bonas?

Prince Harry has often mused that his position as a member of the Royal Family makes it difficult to hold down a relationship and/or find the right person.


Recently, Prince Harry seems to have found a new girlfriend in Cressida Bonas, a 24-year-old socialite.

The two haven’t been together long, yet Cressida has not received the warm welcome that we think she deserves into Prince Harry’s life. The mainstream media haven’t been very kind to Cressida as far as royal girlfriends go. Many before Cressida have received the scrutiny of the press, but this time is it different?

One outlet tries to discredit Cressida with photos of her at various private functions and events at her old school. The same source also implies and says that there is some kind of ‘love battle’ going on between Cressida and Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Susan, known on Twitter as Harry Wales Watch, tells us, “They’ve [the media] run a couple of stories which I think were uncalled for. The private social media photos which circulated of her drinking with friends led to absurd stories calling her the “new Fergie.” Not only was that cruel to both Cressida and the Duchess of York but the claims are simply unfounded.”

“They’re trying to be harsh by painting her as a party girl and purposefully misinterpreting photos of her in a legitimate dance performance as racy but, in the end, I don’t think people will buy it. ”

Susan tells us that this kind of treatment is not unusual for Prince Harry’s girlfriends, “If anything Cressida’s getting the light treatment so far. Within a year of beginning to date Harry, there were already ominous stories about the ties Chelsy’s family might have with Robert Mugabe and you couldn’t read her name without “party girl” being attached to it. Chelsy certainly liked to go out, just as Harry did, but she was also a law student so not as two-dimensional as the tabloids would have you think.”

“The same arrows have been tossed at Cressida with stories about her parents’ multiple marriages and dodgy finances on her father’s part, but they haven’t really stuck. But Cress should be ready because I doubt those stories will be the last about her family.”

Part of the problem is that the media don’t know much about Cressida – Susan expands, “In the absence of true material, column inches will be made of what she’s wearing, what she’s doing in pics stolen from her Instagram or Facebook and completely unverifiable accounts from unnamed “sources” on her current feelings about Harry.”
“So far the public doesn’t have a lot to judge Cressida by, nor should we. It’s really nobody’s business but Harry’s.”

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