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When is it appropriate to focus on the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe?

This past weekend was a busy one in the royal households, with multiple events being held in remembrance of war veterans and those who are currently serving.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is always a public favourite, attended the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday and the Centopath on Sunday for Remembrance Sunday, standing alongside the Duchess of Cornwall and Countess of Wessex on the balcony. However, instead of focusing on the sombre occasions that the Royal Family gathered to honour, many turned to what the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear.

The Duchess herself lost a family member to the perils of war. Her great, great uncle Lionel Martineau Lupton was hit by a German shell on 16 July 1916. This was picked up by some outlets but most decided that what coat she wore would be a better headline.

Yes, Kate looked stunning as always but was it appropriate to discuss something as trivial as her fashion choices on such an important day? No.

As someone who studied Fashion Marketing, I appreciate her timeless fashion choices, and the fact that one person can contribute over £1 billion to the economy and most circumstances commenting on what she has worn is completely suitable. Remembrance Sunday is not one of those. May I suggest doing a recap of what she wore on the Monday following?

Even Royal Watchers flooded Twitter to talk about what their favourite icon was wearing, when she wore it last, and where they could buy it. Completely missing the point weekends events. Standing in front of the Duchess and the rest of the Royal Family were men and women who sacrificed everything they have to protect the country they love, they have lost the friends, years of their lives and there are families who have lost loved ones who never returned.

Comments that Kate looked “sombre” were made next to the name of the designer coat. Well of course she did, she understood the gravity of the weekend, unlike many who decided to focus on her hat.

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