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Top 5 royal documentaries

Royal documentaries have been around since not long after the mainstream adoption of television. We have composed this list of the top 5 royal documentaries of all time and, for your viewing pleasure, have also included YouTube uploads of the documentaries.

Windsor Castle – a royal year

This fantastic documentary follows the lives of those who live and work at Windsor Castle for a whole year. It features behind-the-scenes footage of how things are done in the Royal Household on all different sorts of occasions.

Produced in 2005 and originally under the name of The Queen’s Castle, this documentary also offers a rare glimpse of just what The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh do at Windsor Castle.

George V and Queen Mary – the royals who rescued the Monarchy

This is without doubt one of the most thorough and engaging documentaries about royal history. With perfectly placed insights from historians about how King George V and Queen Mary reformed the Monarchy into the public side we see today, it’s not hard to see why this two-part documentary goes on our top 5 list.

Definitely on the watch list for anyone wanting to learn about the origins of the modern House of Windsor.

Elizabeth R

Many of you would have perhaps heard of this documentary. It is called Elizabeth R and the reason many of you may have heard of it was because it was banned by the Palace because it was regarded as offering too personal an insight into The Queen’s life. Fortunately, being broadcast in 1992, many people would have recorded it on VHS and recently, it has appeared online for the first time.

It offers a genuine and heartwarming look into the life of Her Majesty and her court like never before. Definitely worth a watch for all fans of Elizabeth II.

Britain’s Royal Weddings

Broadcast a few days before the 2011 Royal Wedding, this two-part documentary tells the story of the history of royal weddings in Britain and how they went from private family affairs to the pomp-filled and grand ceremonial occasions we last saw in 2011.

This documentary tells the story very well and includes interviews with people who were there at the weddings and also who were involved in planning and preparation.

Days of Majesty

This fantastic feature-long documentary tells you everything you need to know about the traditions associated with the British Royal Family. From swan upping, to the trial of the pyx; from Trooping the Colour to the ancient ceremony of a Coronation, this documentary really does cover everything – including ones that aren’t normally seen.

First broadcast on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation, this documentary drew crowds in their millions to watch it when it was first broadcast and is still as relevant and interesting as ever.

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