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The Upbringing Of Prince George

KoFrom the moment The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married on the 29th of April 2011 all eyes have been on their relationship and their every move scrutinized by the world’s media. Many questions have been posed about their relationship over the years. Are they really in love? Is this the fairy tale marriage the world has been waiting for? When will they chose to have a child together? And now, most importantly, what kind of parents will they be?

While of course there is no definitive answer to this we can of course do as everyone else does and speculate. It is no secret that the Monarchy is modernizing and the younger generation of Royals are creating a refreshing new image of Royalty, so it is expected that the latest member of the family will follow the younger, more modern generation of Royals, but it will be no surprise if many traditions are still maintained.

As William’s life has been splashed across numerous magazines, newspapers and webpages we are all aware that the late Princess Diana tried to give both Prince Harry and Prince William as ‘normal’ an upbringing as she could despite the roles they were born into. So, is this the sort of upbringing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will give their child? I firmly believe so. Both the Duke and Duchess are extremely family orientated and as the couple are reportedly spending the first 6 weeks with their new born, HRH Prince George of Cambridge, in Bucklebury this leads us to believe that the Duke and Duchess want to give him the most normal start to life as possible, surrounded by close family away from prying media eyes.

While Prince George’s life will be far from ‘normal’ in the future there is one thing I am certain of, with the right parenting from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge his upbringing will be similar to that of both Prince William and Prince Harry. Relatively normal with the down to earth values of both parents being a huge influence upon our future King.

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