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Should we be worried about Prince Philip?

It has been over a month since The Duke of Edinburgh was released from the London Clinic where he underwent what was termed ‘exploratory surgery’. As he continues his recovery, we take a look at what we know about the state of his health to try and answer the question: ‘Should we be worried about Prince Philip?’


It was 6th June when His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital, shortly after a garden party which he attended. Nobody remarked that he looked any less well than normal and it wasn’t until a press release was released that said His Royal Highness had been admitted did anyone know something was wrong.

Interestingly, the title of the press release was ‘planned admittance to hospital’ – which shows that this wasn’t an emergency admission.

According to reports, doctors had told him he needed to go in for an operation a few days before and it was intended for him to be admitted on the 6th.

After that, he was kept in hospital for 11 days whilst doctors performed exploratory abdominal surgery. The Duke, who turned 92 during his stay in hospital, missed the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony and Garter service on the 15th June and 17th June respectively – something which has become unusual in recent years.

Upon his release from the London Clinic, Prince Philip was driven from hospital in an ordinary Range Rover (very much the car of choice for the Royal Family). This was the last time he’s been seen publicly – from photographs and video from the moment, he looked in relatively good shape, despite his age and recent surgery.

After that, he went to Windsor Castle to spend time recuperating. More recently, he was taken to Sandringham House to continue his convalescence.

Royal Central was told last week that, “[Prince Philip] continues to convalesce well” and “it is expected that The Duke will join The Queen at Balmoral in mid-August”.

We expect the Duke to begin returning to public duties in September-October time, after Her Majesty and His Royal Highness return from their break at Balmoral.

More recently, reports have suggested that the Duke is ‘too ill’ to be in official photographs with Prince George at the moment, though these have never been confirmed by the Palace and remain speculation. It is more likely that the reason for official photos being delayed is because The Queen is at Balmoral for the next two months.

In conclusion, despite the Duke not being seen for a while, we don’t think there’s a serious cause for concern for his health at the moment and considering his age, all the evidence suggests that the Duke is recovering well.

photo credit: University of Salford via photopin cc

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