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Prince William: A Man Everyone Can Admire

Prince William in Canada

Prince William in Canada

A few weeks ago, I attempted to leave behind my royal obsession for a few hours and attend a baseball game with some friends. At one point, the announcer started wishing people at the game a “happy birthday.” He then moved to celebrity birthdays and you guessed it … he wished Prince William a happy 30th birthday. Yes you read that right. He wished Prince William a happy 30th birthday. I was almost too giddy to realize the mistake he had made, but being the obsessed royal watcher that I am, quickly discovered this fatal misstep. PRINCE WILLIAM IS 31 NOT 30! This got me thinking, however; If a baseball announcer 1) considers Prince William a celebrity and 2) decides to announce it during the game, HRH must be the real deal. He must be more popular than I even imagined. But why? What makes William relevant in a modern world?

Prince William is a man that everyone can admire, but not necessarily for the same reasons. He wears many different hats and wears them all well. Prince William never seems to make a mistake. He has mastered the tightrope walk that is the life of a royal. From the moment it was announced that Diana, Princess of Wales was expecting her first child with the Prince of Wales, Great Britain – who am I kidding?!? … the world – grew excited to see who this child would become. They admired him because of his historical importance. He was (and is) the future King, for heaven’s sake.

Then his mother died much too soon and people found a new respect and admiration for him. He had to grow up faster than any child (or teen) should. The public could see just how protective he was of his younger brother, HRH Prince Harry. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the British Monarchy, Prince William began to show publicly just how strong his ties are to his family, particularly Harry.

As he grew up, Prince William became a “teenage heartthrob” who was beloved by girls from every corner of the world. Not only was he handsome, he seemed to have a heart of gold. He had a passion for the less fortunate and it shone through every time he smiled. Although he’s no longer the youthful teenager, Prince William continues to possess a passion for the less fortunate. Many people admire him because of his charitable works that benefit a wide variety of people in all circumstances.

Princes William & Harry 2011

Princes William & Harry 2011

After University, Prince William joined the Royal Air Force. Although he is unable to fight on the front lines like his younger brother, Prince William has had the opportunity to serve Queen and Country. Many people would agree with me in saying that servicemen, no matter their succession rights, are some of the most admired people not just in Great Britain but in the world. Sacrifice, in any aspect, is the greatest quality a man (or woman) can possess.

And then he married Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in a lavish, beautiful, romantic ceremony on 29 April 2011. From the moment he said “I will,” something changed in the newly titled Duke of Cambridge. He became a doting husband who wasn’t afraid to show his love and admiration for his wife in public, something many Windsor men had not done previously.

This brings us to today. Prince William is a loving father-to-be who speaks only excited words about the prospect of the impending royal birth. His excitement is what every woman wishes for, in my opinion, when they are expecting. I can only imagine the joy he must feel at this moment as an entire country eagerly awaits the arrival of his greatest achievement to date.

Admiration is hard to come by in today’s world but His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge has successfully won over a rapidly changing world.

photo credits: Jason Simpson & Beacon Radio via photopin

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