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Opinion: Moroccan Royal Court should confirm or deny the divorce to ease concerns over disappearance of Princess

Royal Central’s Deputy Editor, Brittani Barger, gives her opinion as to why the Moroccan Royal Court should publicly confirm or deny the divorce between the King and Princess consort.

Divorce rumours emerged early in 2018 between King Mohammed and Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco who had married in 2002.

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The Princess, at the time of the divorce reports, hadn’t been seen in public for a few months. Now, we are mid-February 2019, and Lalla Salma has gone unseen at public engagements for well over a year.

Naturally, this has posed the question, where is Princess Lalla Salma? It’s been asked on social media and in international publications – even more so after her noticeable absence from the recent Spanish state visit.

This and many other questions could be put to rest by a straightforward move by the Moroccan Royal Court – issue a public statement either confirming or denying the divorce. With that, explain the status of Princess Lalla Salma. Will she retain her titles and security? Continue her charity work?

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I know some will argue that an announcement won’t be made due to Morocco being a majority traditional Muslim country. My response to that is, so? King Hussein of Jordan, the monarch of a heavily Muslim country and supposed descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, was divorced twice. Announcements were made, and we knew the status of the former wives. Princess Muna was able to keep her title – her son is the reigning monarch.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia has been divorced three times, and we all know how strictly Muslim and conservative the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is.

This is not just in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Take a look at Morocco itself. It’s well-known and talked about that the King’s sister, Princess Lalla Meryem has divorced.

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Also, let’s add in that divorces across the globe are common for both commoners and royals. The Prince of Wales, a future king, is divorced. Queen Letizia of Spain, the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Joachim of Denmark, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York, King Rama X of Thailand, Princess Caroline of Monaco, etc. are all divorced.

There’s no shame in saying a marriage didn’t work out. Attempting to keep it from being talked about and one of the divorcing parties not being seen in public for over a year only leads to rumours and fears for what has happened.

Lalla Salma is very popular in Morocco.  Not knowing where she is or what her status is, is not a good look for the monarchy.

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Ease everyone’s minds and issue a statement. This will stop the guessing games and concern.

And maybe, just maybe, with enough questions being posed and the upcoming trip of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will wield positive results.

Will the media travelling to Morocco to cover the visit answer the cal to question the whereabouts and status of Princess Lalla Salma? Let’s all hope so.

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