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No, “we” do not need to find Prince Harry a wife – leave the man alone!

As of late, I have seen more and more chatter about how “we” need to find Prince Harry a wife. In short, no we do not. Even Prince Harry does not need to find himself one. There are multiple reasons why the 5th in line to the throne does not need to settle down.

If his father, Prince Charles’ mistakes in love aren’t reason enough, I am not sure what is. Prince Charles was pressured by his father and those around him into finding a bride, the 32-year-old (same age Harry is now) crumbled to the pressure of marrying Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales all in order to secure the future of the monarchy. Sure they marriage resulted in two beautiful babies but the two were not suited to each other and in the end caused each other a lot of hurt and pain. Thankfully for Harry, he is not first-in-line so he does not have quite the same level of pressure although with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip aging and unable to take on as many duties as they once did, many are calling for Harry to step up and find a wife who can help fill the void.

I am unsure of the background of these people calling for Harry to wed, but either they had an easy dating life or have long forgotten the trials of dating. For those of you in the latter let me remind you. There are mind games, hurt feelings, drama, heartbreak (along with all the wonder aspects), but more times than not it does not end the way you would have thought or hoped. I for one am glad that I don’t have to enter the dating world again! Now try doing this in front of the international media, who judge every move in your relationship. If you thought the pressures from your parents were hard, try every newspaper, magazine,and web page doing the same.

In most dating situations boy meets girl, they like each other, don’t know each others background, maybe Google one another, but have the chance to ask questions and learn about their partner. Now when Harry meets a girl, he probably knows nothing or very little about her. She, however, will know much more about him, even if it is untrue rumors, and will have already made her mind up about him. The dynamic of the relationship will be very different. Harry also has to deal with the fact that almost every girl he meets will know him and he will have to figure out if she likes him for him or if she is after his title. Sad, but a huge part of his dating life.

Then, even if she is not interested in his title, will she be willing to take it on anyway? Being royalty sounds fun but it is a lot of hard work. Will she fold under the pressures of the media and grueling schedules of tours? While I can’t say I have ever experienced anything to the level that Harry has to go through I have been the subject of the media in the past for a short two weeks, all which included motorcades, my own security guard, paparazzi and media, and strict schedules of event after event. I had a great time but it was not easy functioning on little sleep and always having to be upbeat and personable no matter how many hands you have shook and people you have talked to. You must ignore the negative people (there is always at least one) and be the person all those waiting for you want you to be.

On top of all this, this dream girl has to give up the career she has worked hard for (and ironically had to have while they were dating to make her suitable). When Prince William was dating Kate, the media consistently was at her for not having a job. She did work for a time as a buyer for Jigsaw, which fortunately let her have a flexible schedule so she could work around William’s but she knew once they got married her full-time career would be as the Duchess. Not all jobs are so flexible with time though. Prince Edward married Sophie in 1999 and she was determined to keep her regular job in public relations. It did not last long, in 2002 she was forced to give it up due to controversy and her and Edward took on full-time royal duties.

Harry has made it clear in the past that he does wish to get married, so can we please all give him a break and let him figure this one out on his own? Dating is certainly not easy, even more so as a prince.

What are your thoughts? Should Prince Harry settle down for the sake of the monarchy or wait until he finds “the one”? Let us know in the comment section below:

  • Lori Glier

    He has to find the one that makes his heart sing and hers.

  • Mr. Christian

    My thoughts that nobility requires nobility of soul. I believe Prince Harry is better at searching for such a woman, when he is ready. Despite the media, a woman who will show the kind of compassion for others as Princess Diana did is a quality, that he can summon, when he finds such a woman, to judge the woman by such a touchstone. And, personally his happiness as with youth should be respected; and, the media be darned. I hope to live to see him have the inner-strength of a true love for his soulmate.

    • Heidi Wilson

      I am in full agreement. Leave this wonderful man alone. When ordained, he will find his match. Until then, his love and compassion for humanity is a beacon we all need so very much to emulate.

      As a citizen from across the pond, at this crucial time in our history, I pray that there are men and women who have the intelligence, grace, and love that Gentleman Prince Harry carries in his heart.

      • Kat Love

        I think he will become king. Maybe he is destined to.

    • Kat Love

      So you are saying to find a women opposite of Kate?

  • Mr. Christian

    I do not know the vows but a loving marriage seeks to be a soulmate in sickness and health. In richness or poor, until death do ye part?

  • luigi pasquali

    No comment. I’m leaving the gentleman alone, giving him a break so to speak.

  • Ladyhawke

    It seems the only people who are whipping themselves into a tizzy over Harry’s martial status are the editors and scribes of the gossipy “sad rags”.

  • Brian Forbes Colgate


  • Princess Victoria Lynn

    I think they should let Prince Harry find his own wife and leave him alone. WHEN he is ready he will find the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with forever then the world will know.

  • sherwood

    Whoever runs the tabloid trash rags print this garbage for their own profit. They are vultures.

  • Carolina

    I hope he is not interested in a married woman (his sister-in-law) or a man….

    • Mindy

      What made you think that he’s after a married woman or a man?

  • Maria Al-Masani

    I think its totally different with him. When you are a prince, you have your pick of women, and it’s your choice if you want to find the love of your love or not. I do think it’s right to pressure him to grow up. In the west we don’t parent our children, don’t teach them maturity and the result is they make dumb life choices, end up regretting it and blaming their parents anyway. I know many 10 year old Yemeni girls more mature than 30 year old Canadian women.

    I think he needs to grow up and man up. If he wanted to find a wife that he loved and would commit to, he can. It’s not the same as Charles, who had a love of his life, Camilla, but was not allowed to marry her. So he loved Camilla, but married someone else for duty and country and that’s why it didn’t work out. Now Harry can marry whoever he wants. There is nothing in life more fulfilling than marrying the right person. For that he has to think of dating seriously like grown up or like a brown person instead of dating for fun.

    He’s 30. Wombs dry up at 35. A lot of people are grandparents at 30 historically. Our bodies age. 30 is not the new 20. 30 is old and time to be mature, I say being 32. Party’s over, it’s time for him to take responsibility and start seriously dating. Doesn’t work out, okay, propose to the next one, but the partying and one night stands business is just not cute at that age. Time to take on responsibility and the family business. We are not young forever.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I live in hope that the delay is because he’s trying to figure out how to tell granny he’s gay. We can dream!!!

  • Anke Brandt

    Finding love is hard and needs time. It´s ok.

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