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Modernising the Royals

The increased popularity for the British Royal Family has recently become extremely evident due to the amount of attention and coverage it receives on a daily basis. With the global interest that now surrounds the Royals, it is fair to say they have never been more valued. Whether this is to do with the more approachable image the British Monarchy have made for themselves or how they are portrayed by the media, it is clear to see that they are doing something right. But what exactly is it that has made them become effectively the most popular Royal Family in the world?

In 2010 when the hearts of the nation were captivated by the real life fairy tale,  that was the wedding of TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it became apparent that this new royal couple could be the key to modernising the British Monarchy. Since then every move they have made has made headlines across the world and seemingly will continue to do so. The curiosity for this couple grew from the idea of an ordinary girl meeting her prince charming (which let’s be honest is every girl’s dream, right?) But also the fact that there is now some sort of new light to the royal family due to The Duchess of Cambridge’s girl next door nature. It is as if the public now feel they can relate to the monarchy as they have really proved themselves to be honest, hardworking and down to earth people.

Today’s modern era has seen the rise of technology contribute to the growth of social media that could now be seen to be acting as a superior supplier of news. This is being especially useful for the British Monarchy as they tend to use it as a way of releasing news quickly and effectively. An example being the use of Twitter which has been used in some of the most historic events including the wedding announcement of TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the most recent being the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge. Also making history is HRH Prince Andrew as he is the first member of the royal family to have a Twitter account showing just how approachable and up-to-date the monarchy is becoming. In previous times there was no access to social networking sites meaning the communication between the public and the royals was limited which could have been a contribution towards the lack of interest surrounding them at that time. Although they were still fairly popular, there is something about what the Royal Family are doing now that is making them more favourable to not only the British people but to others across the globe.

medium_5670395214 (1)There is of course the idea that the younger royals have a lot to do with the growing attention towards the royal family. Prince Harry in particular has proved he can be both a prince and an ordinary working guy which he continuously shows especially with his contribution to the armed forces. This is something that is likely to appeal to the public as he is fighting for his country even though everyone knows the potential threat he has put himself under. Both Prince Harry and Prince William have always expressed how much they enjoy their jobs which is clear to see through the amount of time and energy they put in to them. This being said, the same amount of devotion comes across in their royal engagements with both of their overseas tours, that took place last year, being a success.

2012 was a memorable year for the British Royal Family, in particular for HM The Queen. Not only was there the hype of the London Olympics but this would also be the year HM would celebrate her 60 years of reign. The amount of devotion shown towards the British monarchy was overwhelming and something that could only be described as magical. It was around this time that it was clear to see the British royal family had turned a new leaf. The river pageant and jubilee concert were amongst the celebrations with thousands of people from across the globe making the turn out. HM The Queen said it was “a humbling experience” and that “it had touched her deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbours and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere.”

The Royal Family have shown enough balance between their commitments to the country and their private lives that they are now taken more seriously than they ever were before. People all over the world support and believe in the British Monarchy once again and modernisation has allowed them to show the world what they stand for and what a good job they really do.

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