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Just what’s going on with the Royal Baby?

origin_9307110088There’s an air of nervousness at the Lindo Wing at the moment which recently replaced the one of anticipation. Why?: As the Duchess of Cambridge draws closer to the point of giving birth to the future heir to the throne, the media continue their arduous stakeout outside the Lindo wing where the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in the next few days… Or is she?

Recent reports suggest that as the Duchess of Cambridge is currently in Bucklebury, she could in fact give birth in a hospital nearby there. It is possible, after all, and it was what the media believed prior to the announcement a few weeks ago about the final details of the Duchess’s pregnancy.

And even given what we know now, it remains a possibility should circumstances prevent the Duchess from travelling back to London.

We know now that the Duchess could travel by helicopter to Kensington Palace and then be driven to the Lindo Wing, though she couldn’t be taken by helicopter to the Lindo Wing as it has no helicopter landing pad. Kensington Palace is also only a few minutes’ drive away from St Mary’s Hospital so that’s not so much of a problem.

And after all, it is unlikely for plans to change suddenly. All the evidence so far points towards the Duchess being transported to the Lindo Wing when the time comes rather than a birth in Bucklebury.

Police presence has notably increased outside St Mary’s which means the day is drawing closer.

Despite the fact that she is unlikely to enter through the front entrance, the mainstream media are still keen to reserve their places in front of the Lindo Wing to be the first to bring live footage of mother and child when they emerge from hospital.

Now, as what has been termed on Twitter as ‘the Great Kate Wait’ is in full swing, we and millions of other people around the world are standing by for the announcement.

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