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In the Shadow of The Queen: How Prince Charles is Proving His Worth

Prince Charles, seen here at a charitable event, is working hard to prove his worth.

Prince Charles, seen here at a charitable event, is working hard to prove his worth.

Celebrity status and popular press are not new concepts when it comes to the British Royal Family. In the past few decades, Princess Margaret; Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah, Duchess of York have all been deemed celebrity. With the recent popularity and increasing “celebrity status” of the younger generation royals (think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Prince Harry), other valuable members of this prestigious family have been forgotten by the media and the public.  Their value has been “thrown away” into the dark abyss of the not-as-valuable; a travesty, in my opinion. All members of the royal family should be taken for their worth. They all have much to offer to the world around them. His Royal Highness Prince Charles is included in this category. The Prince of Wales is caught between the crown that will one day rest upon his head and the younger, more modern royals. As today marks his sixty-fifth birthday, it is important to evaluate The Prince of Wales’s worth to the Monarchy and the people he will one day rule.

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Born in 1948, under the rule of King George VI, his grandfather, Prince Charles has lived through many significant world historical events. He has had the privilege to see, first hand, the effects war, terrorism, and conflicts have had on the people of Great Britain and around the world. These historical events will help the Prince of Wales throughout his reign to be compassionate and influential, with or without the status of celebrity.

Before Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales, he had a reputation for being compassionate. Throughout his early years, Charles had the opportunity to visit countless charities. He also developed a passion for sustainable energy and eco-friendly living. In 1976, The Prince of Wales created The Prince’s Trust, which encourages young people to make decisions about their futures. This fabulous charity also enables these young people the training and education to better their lives. According to their website, in the past year, The Prince’s Trust has helped 55,800 young people. To put that into perspective, because of Prince Charles’s plan some thirty years ago, 55,800 young people have turned their lives around and received the training they deserve.

The Prince of Wales has also opened many different schools and businesses that are aimed to help young people.  One such example is The Prince’s Drawing School. Founded in 2000, the Prince’s Drawing School aims to help young people achieve greatness in the arts, something that most children do not receive in their school curriculum. According to the school’s website, “it is one of only a few institutions in the world offering in-depth, quality tuition for those who wish to develop their observational drawing skills.” Because of this institution, many young artists have had the opportunity to develop their skills and gain worldwide recognition. Another charity, founded by the Prince of Wales in 1996, In Kind Direct, helps to redistribute charitable supplies to other charities in need.  Since 1996, this charity has distributed £130 million in value of goods from more than 900 companies to over 6,000 charities.

As the Queen continues to age, Prince Charles is lightening her workload, as much as she’ll allow. On 14-16 November 2013, The Prince of Wales is representing his mother, the Queen, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka. This is a vital step in the Prince’s preparation of one day becoming King, a job he has prepared for longer than any other heir in British Monarchy history.

At the age of 65, Prince Charles has yet to assume the role he was born to fulfil. Upon the day of his ascension to the throne, King Charles will be adequately prepared. He will have the ability to relate to his fellow Britons unlike any Monarch in history. Prince Charles, because of his charitable and royal works has proven his worth time and again!

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