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Holidays for Royals?


Since the beginning of time, people have debated the need for the Royal Family to take and enjoy holidays. Many consider the members of the Royal Family “jobless” and therefore, don’t deserve the breaks in reality that you and I can enjoy. The extravagance of these trips have also caused the public to uproar.  I am currently enjoying a 2-week beach holiday that I, selfishly, felt was much deserved. I’ve worked hard so it was time to let my hair down a little. But, this raised an important question … doesn’t the British Royal Family work hard at what they do, as well? Although they enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, they do not just sit around and stare at each other. Being a member of this prestigious family comes with a huge cost. You must undertake hundreds of engagements every year that take you to all corners of the world. This isn’t easy. On Saturday, I sat in a car for eight hours. Let’s just say, it wasn’t my favourite and this is without a time zone difference. I couldn’t imagine being hours ahead or behind of my internal clock.

Currently, Her Majesty is preparing to take her annual break to Balmoral Castle. Although she can never truly holiday from being ‘Queen Elizabeth II’, I believe this is massively important to her (and Prince Philip’s) sanity. Balmoral and Sandringham, as members of her own family have stated, are a sanctuary for The Queen. Here, she can truly be herself and do what she loves. Doesn’t everyone deserve some time away in which they can live the life they wish, not the life that was chosen for them? Holidays are vital for everyone, even if you are Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth!

Even before their wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were criticized for their trips with the Middleton family to various tropical locations even though they were privately funded. Their holiday to France just before their highly publicised tour of Southeast Asia caused much media and public scrutiny. I think people forget that William has inherited millions of pounds from his mother’s estate. He can afford to take holidays. It’s also important to remember that Prince William has a full-time job as a Search and Rescue pilot with the RAF.  Their Royal Highnesses are a young couple who enjoy being together and traveling just as any other couple. They deserve this privilege just like anyone else.

And finally, this brings us to His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales. One of his most recent holidays, to Las Vegas, just before deployment, I can remember Twitter exploding over this trip (and the pictures that soon surfaced). At the time, we had no idea that Captain Wales would soon be fighting for Queen and Country. I couldn’t believe the outrage of people because Prince Harry was in Vegas. He’s a 28-year-old man who just needed to let his hair down pre-deployment. Just like Her Majesty The Queen and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry must enjoy downtime while he can. His public duties, whether they be Royal or military based, are very stressful.

Although I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I do not believe that the British Royal Family should be criticised for their choice to holiday or not, especially when they are privately funded!

photo credit: neil1877 via photopin cc

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