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Camilla Proves She Could Be Queen Yet


She is the wife of the future King of the United Kingdom and 15 other countries and future (probable) head of the Commonwealth and the second highest ranking woman in the realm, yet for some reason people are still trying to deny her the position at her husband’s side in the role he will one day fulfil.

At the time of their marriage five years ago, it was announced that Camilla would assume the Princess Consort title when Charles became King, rather than assuming the traditional title taken by wives of Kings for centuries of Queen Consort.

When this decision was publicised by Clarence House, it was met always with a degree of ambivalence. Many people at the time were unsure of the new Duchess of Cornwall and were even less sure about the idea of this woman, whom the press did not report favourably on, becoming the Queen.

It is worth pointing out at this point that whatever happens, Camilla will automatically become Queen, though the title she bears when Prince Charles is King is down to choice, in the same way that Camilla is now Princess of Wales, though doesn’t use that title.

Now, 5 years on from their marriage and over 15 years after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales we should stop and think – what exactly do some people still hold against the Duchess of Cornwall?

Her recent trip to Paris may have not been the most covered Royal event of the century, but those who even briefly followed the events will be aware of the impact she had on those she visited and how genuine her warmth and interest was.

Even though Clarence House seem to have stuck to their guns at the moment on the Camilla, Princess Consort discussion, Prince Charles has indicated that he isn’t ruling out the possibility of a Queen Camilla, the BBC reported in 2010 that Prince Charles ‘wants Camilla crowned alongside him as Queen Consort’.

Also, for what purpose are we denying the wife of Prince Charles the title of Queen? To punish her? To try and shut her out?, again; why?

As far as I’m concerned, we should expect (and hope for) a Queen Camilla one day.

photo credit: University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

Tell us what you think about this in the comments box below. Do you think she should be crowned Queen, why?

  • Julaine

    The decision should not be a popularity contest. If she is the wife of the King when he is crowned she should be given the traditional title. Anything less and it undermines the entire system.

  • I agree! I am 100% in favor of The Duchess of Cornwall becoming Queen if and when The Prince of Wales becomes King.

  • what she going to be THE queen of harlots??? she knifed Diana, she aint going to be Queen of England “NO”. You don’t reward “EVIL DEEDS” The Duchess of Windsor didn’t get to be queen in 1936. and this SLAG will not get that title either!! watch!!

  • allabouthonesty

    NO she should not be the Queen. Not because people want to punish her, but because we were told she would never hold that title. First we have to accept that her and Charles married, right after Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. What is the meaning of since Princess Diana passing has been 15 years now?? What is it ok now and they can do anything and make the changes we do not accept? It just proves to me that this woman and Charles will go to any length possible to get what they want. Princess Diana said, ” There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Who wears the title HOMEWRECKER, it seems to me that doesn’t fit anywhere in a category of Royalty. Princess Diana went through pure Hell trying to deal with the relationship of Charles and Camil, she even went into deep depression because she loved Charles. She was having his children and exceeded her duties as a Royal. What was he doing? If Camil was a real true person she would have refused him, and respected their marriage. Princess Diana would be here today.
    I think People should remember the letter Princess Diana wrote before her death. The Queen promised us Camil could not ever be the Queen. We were promised that because of the many questions and concerns of Princess Diana’s Death. The Royals owe it to Princess Diana to not allow this. It would be the greatest disservice to Princess Diana, to allow that. Remember Princess Diana made a statement and said, ” I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts but I don’t see myself being queen of this country.” To us Princess Diana is the one who is Queen of our hearts, that’s why the other should never be allowed.

    • edoep

      well as for this quote:

      “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

      Diana of course should have stated more precisely “there were FOUR of us”, since she herself had at least one lover after another during her marriage, too.

      Diana may remain the ‘queen of hearts’ for many, but this does not mean that duchess Camilla cannot hold the official title ‘queen consort’. atually i do agree 100 % with the author’s opinion. there’s nothing she should be ‘punished’ for.

      the not so happy couple Charles & Diana were a mismatch right from the start, and it was Charles who betrayed on Diana (and vice versa), not Camilla.

      • royalwatcher

        Charles went into the marriage and admitted to his biographer that he had “feelings” for Camilla and didn’t love Diana. Doing so was cruel to Diana. Diana took a lover 5 years after the wedding. Charles had his mistress watching the wedding back in 1981. Big difference. Once she produced his heir and spare Charles ditched her. Camilla was involved as deeply as Charles–she manipulated and maneuvered to get where she is today.

        • edoep

          ‘she manipulated and maneuvered to get where she is today’ —- change the last few words to ‘to get where she wanted to be’ and describe with that sentence Diana’s behaviour.

          According to several reliable sources Diana knew about Charles’ rather limited feelings for her and his rather strong feelings for Camilla BEFORE things got serious, and definitely BRFORE they tied the knot, so she could have jumped off that train but decided to stay in that menage-a-trois, instead of her ditching Charles in time.

          She may have been a bit (or rather) naive and utterly romantic, but THAT is hardly something one can blame Camilla for, can one? Dark clouds did not come as a surprise out of the blue one day, they had been visible on the horizon from day -xxx before marriage, to anybody to did not turn a blind eye.

          • royalwatcher

            Where did Diana get to today? She is lying in a grave since 1997. Camilla OTOH is grinning like the cat who got the cream even trying to claim that she’s grandmother to Diana’s grandchild. What reliable sources? If Charles had limited feelings for her how do you excuse him for courting, proposing to and marrying the young woman. Of course Charles can do no wrong and it’s everybody else’s fault and Diana asked for it, right? Camilla is to be blamed because she was too greedy and selfish to back off. How do you excuse her for sleeping with the Prince of Wales while she was married? The woman is a schemer. Diana thought Camilla was history. She was not the masochist you are painting her to be.

          • edoep

            thanks to the editor for deleting the fellow-posters comment (which was, entire post, delivered to me via email alert)!

  • Summer

    People make mistakes. I blame the Queen for pushing Charles to marry someone on her approved list. Of course she regrets that – and has supported Camilla.

    • royalwatcher

      Why blame the Queen. Charles chose to court, propose to and marry Lady Diana. He wanted heirs from the suitable wife and was 32 not a baby. He needs to take some responsibility instead of blaming others. I don’t think the Queen liked her son philandering with a fellow officer’s wife but just made the best of a bad thing when she sanctioned Charles and Camilla marriage. Diana was used as a broodmare producing the heir and spare and Charles was through with her and went running back to his mistress (I don’t think he really dropped her after he married Diana).

  • Karen Kilrow

    Personally I like Camilla and would like her to be Queen, but I think the country is still too split. The Royal family has come a long way in the last few years in regaining a lot of the support it lost for a while and I think this would be too troublesome. People still feel very strongly about Camilla and I think this would generate a lot of negativity. After all the positives about the Royal family this would be a shame and I think whatever title she’s given she will be a huge support to our future King.

  • Kate

    Camilla is poor white trash dressed up in a pretty title. Hardly “Queen” material.

  • David Drozdowski

    I hadn’t thought about it much until now. I just didn’t like her because of their past, and therefore I didn’t think she should be Princess or Queen. But it isn’t like she killed Di, so as it should all be water under the bridge by now, it’s true that denying her the title of Queen Consort would only be trying to punish her for history. Now, the subject of Charles abdicating and letting William and Kate become King and Queen is another one entirely, though still just a popularity thing, I suppose…

  • Tanja Sonnenschein

    The Duchess of Cornwall should absoultely become Queen. Camilla deserves the title more than anything else. She has worked so hard since she married Charles and she has never put a food wrong. Instead she bedazzles everyone with her charm, her humour, her good heart and her down-to-earth nature. Everyone who meets her falls for her. She is such a wonderful and amazing lady and I really adore her. God bless Camilla, our wonderful future Queen!

    • royalwatcher

      I’ll say she worked hard. She manipulated and maneuvered and undermined for years to get where she is today. Maybe she bedazzles you and you think she didn’t put a foot wrong. She put the foot wrong when she deliberately undermined someone else’s marriage. And I think you should speak for yourself when you says “everybody” loves her. They don’t.

  • Royalist

    When Charles becomes King, Camilla should be Queen. In the UK the wife of the king is Queen Consort.
    She should also go by the name to which she is presently entitled–HRH the Princess of Wales.
    The Diana devotees cannot control an ancient title—they seem to believe that this title belongs to Diana and must never be used again

    • Vivienne Johnson

      The reason Camilla doesn’t use the title of Princess of Wales is because as soon as she uses it the public will be continually reminded of the hard faced uncaring way she and Charles destroyed Diana and as far as we are concerned responsible for the untimely death of someone who was brood mare for an heir and a spare then stripped of her title and thrown to the wolves.Camilla is so crafty as to be aware of this and cleverly chose another of the titles she inherited when she “married”Charles

  • Odelia Tablit

    Simple logic. The wife of King is called Queen. Period.

  • Camilla will not be Queen

    Camilla cannot legally become Queen. She and Charles married in a civil ceremony as they do not qualify to be married in Church, per their divorced status. Civil marriages were introduced by the Marriage Act in 1836 but section 45 states “shall not extend to the marriage of any of the Royal Family”. A second Marriage Act was passed in 1949 but again clarified that it shall not affect any law or custom relating to marriage of members of the Royal Family.
    In 2005 former Attorney-General Lord Lyell raised doubts about the lawfulness of a civil marriage between Charles and Camilla due to this law. But Charlie Falconer, the former Lord Chancelor quoted the Human Rights Act to say Charles could marry Camilla. It is an interpretation only.
    Many experts in family law contested Falconer’s interpretation. This places great question on whether Camilla can be Queen, in a legal sense.

  • August

    I wonder if Charles and Camilla would have ever married, if Diana had outlived Charles.

    I agree somewhat with both sides of the argument – Camilla has done a great job since marrying Charles 8 years ago (not 5, as the article above states). It seems to me she does not care what her title is, as long as she is with the man she loves. However, the country was told she would not use the title of Queen Consort, so I think that is what should happen.

    I am sure when Kate becomes Princess of Wales, there will be no question of her using the title. Hopefully we have another 10-15 years before she inherits the title. God save the Queen!

    • Vivienne Johnson

      Dont you understand,she will be queen consort whatever the title she uses,just as she IS the princess of wales but chooses to use a different title now,it’s all smoke and mirrors,par for the course from these two reprobates.

  • bubs

    Do not believe that Camilla could go the throne with Charles it disgusts me, Charles should hand the title king down to William and queen Catherine. He was dishonest before and after he married Diana with Camilla and for this reason alone they should not go to the throne. if he had not cheated on Diana who knows she could still be alive today. this whole situation is disgusting and god help the country if Charles excepts to become king

  • Vivienne Johnson

    i do not believe that Camilla should be Queen,contrary to this writers wishes,we have not forgotten the despicable way she and Charles destroyed Diana with their cold heartless behaviour,
    Camilla shows herself to be kind etc to the public,but she was a hard conniving person,who entertained at Charles side ,in Diana’s house,when the princess was away doing her charity work.she saw the state Diana was in over their duplicity,but had no shame,if you think she has changed,you are so wrong,she is an actress of the highest degree,and i and everyone i talk to have very strong views on her which is not for punishment,she kept her head down and plowed on until she got Charles,Diana’s children,Diana’s home,Diana.s life,and finally the throne.
    Charles found in Camilla ,the love of his life,he was told she wasn’t suitable and between them found poor innocent Diana,who they thought they could manipulate,Charles was told that if he wanted Camilla he would have to forgoe the throne,he wanted the throne and he wanted Camilla,hence poor Diana.
    Neither of them should accend,it should be passed to William and Kate.

  • Lisa shaw

    No she shouldn’t I think it’s disgusting she’s even a hrh but we all know why Diana was killed off. To make way for the mistress there is no way on God’s earth I would bow to her not a bloody chance in hell if she becomes queen Camilla it will mark the end of the monarch

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