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Op-Ed: “Few Things With The Royal Baby Are To Be A Surprise, Now Let’s Stop Guessing The Gender”

What a week! Firstly it was reported that the Duchess of Cambridge had unwittingly revealed the royal baby’s gender whilst in Grimsby, then over the last few days we’ve discovered that the Duchess didn’t even so much as mention the letter ‘D’ in her supposed confession.

Very few things to do with this impending Royal baby are unknown. We already know it will one day be our Sovereign; it will adopt the title of ‘HRH Prince/Princess X of Cambridge’, be third in line to the throne and even its approximate birth date.

Parts that we don’t yet know seem to be being invented to some degree. We’ve all seem the mock ups of what the royal baby will look like and bookmakers are even running bets on what the baby’s gender and even name will be! There’s no doubt (and there never was) that this baby will become the most watched baby from birth in a few months’ time in the world.

As royal watcher, Very Kate Middleton pointed out to us on Twitter, “Where is the fun in knowing?”. I think that summarises just the point exactly. Part of being a royal watcher is the excitement of what is to come, there is a such great future in store for the British Monarchy, part of the excitement is the unknown, let’s not ruin that by inventing characteristics.

Having said this – much the same thing happened when the late Princess of Wales gave birth to Prince William in 1982. A media frenzy surrounded the entire pregnancy.

So this is just our short opinion piece on why we should stop trying to find out everything and just enjoy finding out!

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