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#OnThisDay in 1929 Princess Viktoria of Prussia, Daughter of Victoria, Princess Royal, died

Princess Viktoria of Prussia was born the second daughter of Frederick III of Germany and Princess Victoria, Princess Royal of England, on 12 April 1866.

Devoted to her mother and maternal grandmother, Queen Victoria, the young princess embraced a very English way of life. It is likely that this is why she was known to be sympathetic to the British cause in the First World War despite being technically and geographically on the German side.

A match with Prince Alexander of Battenberg was hoped for by Viktoria’s mother and maternal grandmother in 1881 but was ultimately opposed by her paternal grandfather, Emperor Wilhelm I and his chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. It was a difficult blow for the young princess as she had developed strong feelings for Prince Alexander.

On 19 November 1890 Princess Viktoria was married to Prince Adolf of Schaumburg-Lippe in Berlin. Though the two hoped to have children Viktoria suffered a miscarriage early in the marriage and they never got their wish. Prince Adolf died in 1916.

Princess Viktoria married for a second time on 19 November 1927 to Alexander Zoubkoff, a Russian refugee 35 years her junior. The match was strongly opposed by the princess’ brothers and sisters who worried that the young Zoubkoff was using their sister. Unfortunately, their concerns were warranted as Zoubkoff rarely spent any time with his wife, preferring instead to live independently and squander much of what was left of the princess’s money.

The perilous financial situation Princess Viktoria soon found herself in meant she was forced to sell off the contents of Schaumburg Palace by auction. The sale was not the success that had been hoped for however, and the proceeds were only able to cover one third of her debts. Viktoria was forced to leave the Palace altogether and move into a single room in the Bonn suburb of Mehlem in the Weimar Republic.

On the verge of divorcing Zoubkoff, Princess Viktoria contracted pneumonia and passed away in a Bonn hospital on 13 November 1929. She was 63-years-old.

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