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Monarchy Monday: Hollywood’s Royal connection

Hollywood may be full of glamour, but it is nothing compared to the grace of the Royal Family. Ever since Hollywood’s establishment in the early twentieth century, the Royal Family has inspired award-winning movies about current and past monarchs ever since.

With stories so intriguing they write themselves, and Hollywood has cashed in on some of catching tales. The King’s Speech was so popular is grossed $428 million worldwide, followed by The Queen at $127 million and The Other Boleyn Girl at $81 million.

These stories were not only financial successes, but also scored big at the Oscars as well. Actor Colin Firth won Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech. The film also won Best Motion Picture, Best Writing and Best Achievement in Directing.

The Queen landed actress Helen Miren Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for playing Queen Elizabeth II. Upon collecting her award, she said: “For 50 years and more, Elizabeth Windsor has maintained her dignity, her sense of duty and her hairstyle.

“She’s had her feet planted firmly on the ground, her hat on her head, her handbag on her arm and she’s weathered many storms, and I salute her courage and her consistency. And I thank her because if it wasn’t for her I most certainly would not be here.”

Although Hollywood may long after the life of a monarch, members of the Royal Family reciprocate the love of theatre and film.

Her Majesty The Queen was once something of an actress herself. As a child, she would put plays on with her family. In 1943, she starred as the main character in the Royal pantomime of Aladdin. Her granddaughter later followed in her acting footsteps. Princess Beatrice had a role as one of Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting in the 2009 film Young Victoria, which Sarah Ferguson was a one of the producers.

Prince Edward also worked as a production assistant at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Theatre Company. He was enthralled with it all saying: “I love the razzmatazz of show business….It’s a wonderful world of fantasy and make-believe.”

He also owned a production company, Ardent, which produced documentaries such as Edward on Edward, and a charity edition of It’s a Royal Knock-out.

So, it would seem no matter if it is American “royalty” or the Royals from generations past and present, the lines are blended. There is just something about the “razzmatazz” (side note: we should all use that word more!) of the lights and cameras that are just so hard to resist.

Featured photo credit: Hollywood via photopin (license)

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