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Monarchy Monday: 5 Way To Pique Your Child’s Interest In The Monarchy

The future of the Monarchy deals a lot with their public approval. While it seems like they are at a high right now with the birth of Princess Charlotte, it is always a great idea to involve your children in your appreciation of the Monarchy.

I find it hard that any little girl wouldn’t want to know about a real life Queen, but I guess every child wasn’t like me. Not only are the following ideas great for peaking their interest, they are wonderful at keeping them busy because let’s face it that isn’t always easy to do!

1. Colouring or Drawing Activites



Activity Village offers all the fun for your kids from the little ones to those who are “too cool” to colour. They have a vast selection of colouring pages from The Duchess of Cornwall to Balmoral Castle, it is a great way to learn about each member of the Royal Family and all that goes along with them. Additionally they offer “How To Draw” tutorials for each family member and the Queen’s corgi’s. How to draw Prince Harry? I think even I may take that one up!

2. Send A Letter

With the birth of Princess Charlotte or Prince Harry leaving the Army, there are plenty of reasons to pick up a pen and paper and send a letter. Your child could even draw a picture of the new family of 4 to include. Getting a letter back from the family will be the excitement of the week! You can find contact information on the bottom of the website. Really, who needs to write to Santa when you have the Queen?

3. Pets

Everyone loves a royal pet. Not only are dogs a stable part of the monarchy, more exotic pets have taken their place as gifts. If you live in London, you could take a trip to the Zoo to visit some of the presents that have been given, including Jumbo the Elephant, giant turtles and beavers. Otherwise take a look at the link above to get an idea of the different dogs that all have been part of the family, maybe one lives with you!

4. The Prince of Wales website

If you child is too old for colouring and more into surfing the internet, the web page has a section just for children. They can read every fact to all the questions they may have, then head over to the quiz section to see just how much they really know. From there you can also access videos from all the events your favourite royal has attended.

5. Queen Elizabeth and her sense of humour

If all else fails, make them laugh. The video of Queen Elizabeth entering the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012 will make a royal fan out of anyone! I could watch this over and over again.

Photo Credit: tsaiproject via Flickr

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