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Meeting A Duchess

Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet the Duchess of Cambridge?  While it is certainly on all our bucket lists, we must face that many of us will never curtsy for Her Royal Highness or join her for tea.


On her recent visit to Naomi House, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge met with volunteers, patients, family and friends of the organization who were able to curtsy and take tea with the Duchess. Keith Wilson, Press and Communications Officer of Naomi House and Jacksplace, shared his once-in-a-lifetime experience with WWKD.

“It was, without a shadow of doubt, the best day I have ever had at work.  The Duchess amazed me with her effortless people skills and charm. Her ability to instantly put people at ease is well documented, but to see it for myself was quite the thing.”


The Duchess was there to bring attention to Naomi House during Children’s Hospice Week. She toured the facilities, including the gardens, hydrotherapy pool, and the end of life suite. As she toured, she greeted many families and children from Naomi House. Wilson remarked:

“When she walks into a room she initially dominates it, but then just as quickly she just becomes part of the event. Like someone who has been there all along, someone you are totally comfortable with, and the person you want to be sat next to at a dinner party.”

Speaking of parties, Catherine’s visit culminated in a truly darling tea party with children. During her time at tea, Wilson noted that “[s]he had time for absolutely everybody and had a genuine interest in the things people were telling her – you cannot fake that.”


We all aspire to such effortless grace and charm, as Catherine demonstrates so well. Many who has seen her in passing have described her as “graceful, ethereal and poised,” but to meet her on a real level, as Keith was privileged to do, shows us her true charm and warmth.

While we await our invitations to Kensington Palace, we can all take a lesson from what Kate would do – take time and interest in those around you.

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