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Kate: Queen of the ‘Yummy Mummies’?

With a new member of the Royal Family on the way, fashionistas and Copy-Kate’s everywhere will no doubt be wondering how the future Queen will maintain her style-status, what her choice of fashionable maternity-wear will be (in order to hide that no doubt elegantly-sized Royal bump); and what (eventually) the new-born Royal-tot will be wearing.

Yes, babies and mothers alike are no doubt lining up in Mothercare as we speak, discussing baby-grows and maternity pants – wondering what Kate would choose. I mean really, the woman never looks anything less than immaculate, and one highly doubts that she’ll be ‘chilling out’ around the Palace in a Onesie during the next nine months. After all, the Duchess is set to be the yummiest of Royal mummies..

And while the pressure of choosing what to wear will no doubt be much less than the pressure endured over the last 18 months (what with the World’s media having been on round the clock ‘Royal-Bump Watch’) we can all expect to hear a lot on the latest maternity trends over the next few months.

So what exactly does one wear when expecting a Royal Heir? Well, fashionistas have been out in force, all offering Kate the best advice on ensuring a maternity look that is less ‘frump’ and more fabulous.

blog49And (queue gasps) there have even been fashionable whispers of an exclusive maternity clothing range, designed by none other than Sarah Burton, the creative genius behind the Royal Wedding Dress.

And it isn’t just the fashion that’s drawing everyone’s attention. Interior designers across London are no doubt buried under rolls of fabric and wallpaper, as they wait to hear who will be chosen to decorate the Royal Nursery. Rumour has it, designer Lucinda Croft is on the shortlist to design a baby room fit for a miniature King/Queen. And the Palace butler’s are probably shifting antique furniture around Buckingham Palace at this very moment, in order to make room for all the gifts and numerous baby-grows that will soon be arriving from all four corners of the globe. Well, at least Kate & Wills won’t have to spend hours squabbling over a suitable size pram (must have room for a tiny crown).

Unfortunately for Wills, other soon-to-be-fathers are a little less bothered about their paternity fashion choices. But as we’ve seen in recent weeks, he’s already been on hand as the doting husband, spending every available moment at Kate’s bedside when she was admitted to hospital, after suffering from acute morning sickness earlier this month.And while there is little doubt that Kate will be keeping everything in order, let’s just hope William is ready for the inevitable cravings, and a late-night dash to the shops for a packet of Haribo (rumoured to be the Duchess’s treat of choice).
Oh yes, and a night out at Mahiki with soon-to-be ‘Uncle Harry’ is probably not a great idea. Take note boys.

And as for Kate? Well, we all know she’d probably prefer to keep things a little low-key, and certainly wouldn’t claim to be a style icon. But the fact is, we just can’t get enough of ‘The Middleton Effect’, and whether she’ll be snapped wearing jeans, jogging bottoms, or a little Reiss number in the coming months, it will no doubt sell out in seconds. Is she Queen of the ‘Yummy Mummies’? One imagines so..

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