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Just When Will Prince Charles Become King?

Recently, we released a new poll question on our Polls & Votes page regarding when people think Prince Charles will come to the throne. After checking back on it today, I was surprised at how many people think that Prince Charles won’t come to the throne until after 2020.

At the time of writing this article, 31 people had voted in the poll, of which 17 (the majority) believed that Prince Charles wouldn’t come to the throne until at least the year 2020, this started us wondering. Just when will Prince Charles become King, or to be more blunt, will he ever reign?

On 19th September this year, Prince Charles will officially become the oldest heir to the throne in British history, surpassing King William IV who was 64-years-old when he came to the throne, William IV succeeded his brother, George IV who died without leaving an heir. With Prince Charles, the circumstances are somewhat different. He is not the brother of the current sovereign, but the son.

As a direct answer to the question, ‘Will Prince Charles ever be King?’ – Yes. Until such a time as question is cast upon whether he’ll predecease his mother (unlikely), we can safely assume that he will one day, however long that may be, become King of the United Kingdom [and the Commonwealth Realms].

The question of just when will the Prince of Wales accede to the throne is a slightly more challenging question. Prince Charles won’t accede until his mother, The Queen, either dies or abdicates and seeing as Her Majesty pledged her entire life in service to this country at the age of 21, and due to the negative connotations of abdication built up by her uncle’s abdication crisis in 1936, it will most definitely be the former.


Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, lived until the age of 101 and exceptional age, The Queen’s father, George VI didn’t have such a long life, in fact, he died at the age of 56 as a result of lung cancer [George VI was a heavy smoker, which caused the cancer]. Her present Majesty is in remarkably good health, she doesn’t smoke, she eats healthily and gets loads of exercise as a result of what she does. Judging by this, it could be the case that The Queen lives until she’s over 100, meaning Prince Charles wouldn’t come to the throne for another 15 years – meaning he’d be around 80-years-old!

Due to Her present Majesty’s longevity, we are destined for a string of old Kings, if Prince Charles exhibits the same longevity as The Queen has, Prince William may be in a similar situation when he becomes King, but now we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Many people worry that life won’t be the same without Elizabeth II on the throne, and they’re right, we’ll be entering a whole new era, but the death of a sovereign doesn’t mean the country will no longer be able to function, it has happened 40 times before in British and English history.

But until such a day comes where Her Majesty The Queen no longer reigns… Long Live The Queen!


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