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Sinitta talks exclusively to Royal Central about her role as an ambassador for the Diana Award

This Friday, the Diana Award will hold a party to celebrate the incredible hard work and non-stop effort that the charity does. It will also be a fitting tribute that it will be held in the same week the late Princess would have turned 52.

The party will bring together many friends of Princess Diana and young friends of Prince William and Harry, and will be held at the magnificent location of Kensington Roof Gardens, in London.

The Diana Award, the only charity that carries the name of the Princess, motivates young people to create a society that we would all like to live in, inspiring people to defy expectation and to challenge negative stereotypes.

Ahead of the “Royalty Rocks Party,” we caught up with Diana Award ambassador, singer and mother Sinitta on how working with the charity continues to celebrate the life of the Princess of Wales.

How did you get involved with Royalty Rocks?

As an ambassador I have worked with the Diana Award for years and over the past two years the Royalty Rocks idea came from a meeting with the CEO, Tessy Ojo, in thinking about a way to mark the Princess’ birthday and celebrate the legacy that lives on through the young people.

Diana, Princess of Wales, would have turned 52 this week, do you think her legacy still lives on?

Absolutely! She will always be remembered as someone who stepped outside of her comfort zone to reach out to others. Which is exactly what the Diana Award recognises and celebrates.

What really interested you about working with the Diana Award?

The Diana Award is about giving young people that ladder in life. Helping young people achieve their full potential. That is exactly what I do through my company, Attinis. I know that young people need that bit of help to move them from point A to B. Diana Award does that for every young person, I do that for young people with talent for music or the arts.

Will you be working with the Diana Award in the future?

I have no plans on going away anytime soon! I love what the Diana Award team does and I plan to continue my support for as long as they will have me.

What stories from the Diana Award have really touched you?

I have met so many young Diana Award holders and their selflessness and passion for making a difference is humbling. I always leave their events, thinking wow!

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

Celebrating a beautiful woman whose legacy lives on through the lives of many others.

During her life, Princess Diana was an inspiration to many, how did the Princess inspire you?

She took great principles and good manners and turned them into a way of reaching out to and connecting to all people. Diana was pure class.

How do you think Prince William and Prince Harry have represented their mother as they have grown up?

They both demonstrate great work ethics, compassion and her amazing sense of humour, not forgetting her gorgeous looks.

Many have compared the Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Diana, how do you think Kate has handled this?

With modesty and keeping her focus on one of the loves of Diana’s life, William.

Are you excited for the royal baby?

Of course, who isn’t?

As a mother yourself, what tips do you have for when the baby arrives for Will and Kate?

Be prepared to fall in love all over again


Tickets for the party can still be purchased from:

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