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EXCLUSIVE: The Queen & Royal Family are fans of Only Fools and Horses reveals show’s star, Boycie

Queen is Only Fools & Horses fan


The Queen and members of The Royal Family are not so different from the rest of us it seems as it is revealed they are big fans of the sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

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Speaking to Royal Central, actor John Challis, who plays second-hand car dealer Boycie, says that many royals are familiar with the sitcom, which ran from 1981 to 2003.

With over 24 million viewers tuning into watch the 1996 episode ‘Time on Our Hands’ setting a new record for the most-watched sitcom, it is hardly surprising there are some royal fans.

In an interview with Royal Central’s Editor Charlie Proctor, John said: “A strange incident occurred when I was in Tescos in Windsor when a man behind me whispered ‘allo Boycie, my boss at The Castle loves your show – we’re all great fans.’

“I thought he was talking about the local pub but the checkout girl said ‘Oh no, he’s a chef at Windsor Castle and they refer to the Queen as The Boss!’

“So you see our little show Only Fools and Horses is much loved by all sorts of people!”

The Queen is known to be a fan of many television shows, including PointlessCoronation Street, Countdown, and Coach Trip. Although, it seems the Only Fools and Horses bug has overcome other members of Her Majesty’s family.

The Duchess of Cornwall is also a fan of the show and recognised John when she was introduced to him at an event a few years ago.

John said: “At a gathering afterwards, I was introduced to the Duchess of Cornwall, a vision in purple. She grinned and said, ‘I know who you are, you’re Boycie!’

“I turned to introduce my wife and found a complete stranger by my side. My wife was talking to the members of the band, so I said ‘You’re not my wife!’ which raised a laugh.

“I liked her -she’s a good looking woman with a great sense of humour and an easy manner. Anyone who laughs at my jokes is okay by me!”

Prince & Princess Michael of Kent and the Countess of Wessex have also met John at events in the past. On both occasions, the royals recognised him immediately as the Nag’s Head’s most successful regular.

He said: “I met Prince Michael again at a gentleman’s club in London, and I’ll never know if he had been primed, but he put out his hand and said ‘we were just watching you on the telly last night!’

What can one say?! I am an ambassador for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity and was recently presented to the Countess of Wessex-same again, ‘I know who you are!’”

As for the younger royals, John says he has received a couple of winks and nods of recognition from the Duke of Cambridge.

Royal Central’s Five Minutes with… John Challis will be published in early September.

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