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A First Hand View Of Today’s Windsor Castle Scouts Parade With Duchess Of Cambridge

Karl Cooper tells us about what it was like at Windsor Castle for today’s Queen’s Scouts parade.

Today has been a fantastic day for the Royal Family and also, all concerned in today’s events. The Duchess of Cambridge attended a parade of The Queen’s scouts at Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty was staying celebrating her birthday in private today.

There today was Karl Cooper, who spoke to us about the day. Karl said, “I was with my partner and friends some of whom are involved in UK Scouting. They had been invited to attend as they received St George’s Day awards given by the chief Scout. So I was attending in a totally personal capacity through connections with Scouts.”

Karl said, “the atmosphere was just super today! I have been to this scout event five times previously with other royals in attendance. But today with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge there it was clearly going to be a bigger deal for all involved.

“There was more press and a tangible sense of excitement from the assembled crowd as we awaited her arrival. The sound of cameras and occasional apologies as people jostled for position was all around me as I moved, trying to get the best position in the crowd. There were lots of smiles today; from the Duchess, from those she met and from us who watched the event unfold under the English sunshine.”

Karl explained to us that the public part of the day started at around 11am with the Matins service at St George’s Chapel, then followed by  a short coffee break before heading to the upper ward where the parade of scouts took place with the Duchess of Cambridge looking on.

Afterwards was another service in St George’s Chapel arranged by the scouts themselves from 3pm to 4pm, which Karl did not attend.

Karl managed to catch many photos and videos from the day, some of which he posted to Twitter through his account @MrKarlCooper. To see some more of Karl’s photos and other content relating to today, click here to see our article about the Duchess’s engagement at Windsor.

Otherwise, see Karl’s video on YouTube when he entered the Upper Ward below.

Photo Credit: @MrKarlCooper on Twitter.
With thanks to Karl Cooper for helping us with this article.

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