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Why we should be kinder to the York girls

Last week, Princess Beatrice visited the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh as patron of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Whilst discussing the engagement with renowned royal expert Marlene Koenig on Twitter, I discovered that the reason why Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s engagements and most attendances are not reported in the court circular is because officially, they don’t exist.


Princess Beatrice and her sister don’t, in fact, officially perform engagements as members of the Royal Family, neither do they have a section on the official royal website.

The York girls in fact perform engagements, functions and charitable events entirely off their own backs and actually have no obligation to take up any patronages.

What struck me about this is the bad press the York girls get. Independently, they pursue their own careers and have chosen not to become full time members of the Royal Family.

Seldom in the press do the York girls get the recognition they deserve for the charity work they do. Many of their engagements simply go unreported by the press either because they don’t constitute the most interesting or don’t appeal to a wide enough audience, which is sad because theirs are often some of the most important charities.

On Monday, Princess Eugenie hosted her first reception at St James’s Palace, an organisation which encourages talent in young people and helps them discover their leadership potential. Despite this, to my knowledge, not a single report was written about the event.

Through the Princesses’ commitment to their respective causes they are, however you look at it, genuinely committed to making a difference. They are not simply performing engagements because they have to but rather because they want to make a difference and they want to highlight various causes.

I personally find it a shame that the Princesses will probably never become full time royals. Despite what some people say, I feel that more than anything, these fine young princesses deserve our respect, admiration and support for what they do. On top of their own full time careers, finding time to independently support worthy causes is certainly not something to be sniffed at.

If you have an opinion on my thought on the York girls, please share it in the comments box below.

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  • Phalbe Henriksen

    They are “full time” royals. They’re not “working” royals. How can they not be “full-time royals”? They’re princesses, granddaughters of the queen. Prince Charles is trying to keep the number of “working” royals down to meet the cuts in funding. Do your research.

  • Jeannie

    In my opinion the York sisters should become full time royals soon. Many members of the royal family will have to reduce their workload in the years to come due to their age and I think the girls would be a lovely support to their cousins in the future.

  • Cepe

    I agree with your view that they should be treated more kindly, but they are reaping what their parent’s sowed. That’s not right but that is what has happened.

    I think the way they are going about it, quietly and with dignity, will pay dividends in the long term. Any media push would be a mistake at this stage. It will take bloggers and responsible journalists to make the public more aware, perhaps with a report at the end of the year.

    What I find interesting is how the charities and causes respond so positively to both girls. They must know that the causes wont get the press coverage that, say, Duchess of Cambridge or even Countess of Wessex would get. So they must give a real sense of commitment and interest.

  • guest

    The York girls have not “chosen” not to become full time Royals, and all evidence points to the probability that if asked, they would jump at the chance. The “charity engagements” they are currently performing are part of a well-orchestrated lobbying effort to become included on the list of full time royals. Also, Princess Beatrice is not working full-time, or at all, having quit her job in finance after less than year in order to take the summer off and make various luxury trips with friends and family.

    • Royal Central

      Princess Beatrice quit her job in finance a few months ago though as of last month is already in the interview stages for another job.

      • guest

        Interview status notwithstanding, neither of these girls is currently working at all, so to refer to them as having “full time careers,” seems a bit of a stretch.

        Those who wonder why the York girls do not receive better press coverage should not be so perplexed. Their obvious pursuit of royal-type public appearances and coverage for same, their lack of gravitas (as evidenced by ample coverage of their hijinks at various watering holes and celebrity events), and what is apparently some infighting with their more high-profile cousins, are all something of a turnoff. Not only that, neither of them is particularly photogenic, and pictures of them in swimming attire project a distinctly un-royal image.

        The fact that the Yorks and their PR staff apparently do not understand that getting your picture taken going to parties and hanging out with B-list celebrities is not the way to prove that one is worthy of a job as a full-time Royal is further evidence that their qualifications for the job may not be that strong.

        They have a long way to go before they approach the standard set by a true hard-working royal, the Princess Royal (who incidentally declined titles for her children, unlike the Duke of York).

        • Laura S

          The Princess Royal had no titles to give her children, declined or otherwise. As the grandchildren of the monarch in the female line, the only way for them to have been titled would have been for Mark Phillips to receive a title, as Lord Snowdon did. That would have potentially made Peter a Viscount and Zara a Lady, but not HRH Prince and Princess.

          • guest

            Right. It’s been widely reported that a title for Mr. Phillips was jointly declined by him and Princess Anne at the time of their marriage, as they did not wish their future children to be encumbered with titles.

  • Observer

    They should not be official royal, supported by the taxpayers, since they are jet set partiers. Beatrice has worked a year of her whole life and is always vacationing somewhere.

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