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The Royal Association: The Queen- Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home

If there is one thing that animal lovers can agree on, it is the need of quality shelters for our furry friends. Step in Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home, a animal rescue shelter with three locations in the UK that has been in operation since 1860. What standards sets Battersea above the rest? The list goes on but just to start us off, the fact that they operate on a non-selective intake policy is uplifting.large_10686807483

A non-selective intake policy means that no matter the breed, age, or medical condition of the dog or cat Battersea will take the animal in and provide the highest quality of care. Then continue on and reunite such animal with their owners or find a new and loving home for them.

With no animal turned away the rescue centre takes care of unheard  numbers of dogs and cats each year. In 2013 they cared for 5421 dogs and 3120 cats, just think how many animals each day that is and their work becomes even more inspirational! Battersea is able to reunite 800 pets with their owners each year and for those who are looking for new forever homes it takes on average 29 days for dogs and 25 days for cats. Yet any animal can stay for as long as is needed until they are adopted. To operate all three locations over 323 staff members are employed and there are 1000 volunteers. Each year it costs an average of 18.4 million pounds to operate the centres, all of which is donated and fund-raised by the public!

Battersea takes pride in educating and providing services to the public. For our youth, educational workshops are run to teach them how to safely interact with dogs and what responsible pet ownership looks like. Workshops and events are held within communities to educate people on anti-social behaviour dog issues, as well as large events offering free microchipping, tag engraving and pet care advice. Battersea also seeks to educate offenders in prison and young offender institutions in able to reduce the use of dogs as commodities, encourage responsible pet ownership and educate them about animal welfare.

With Queen Elizabeth’s love of animals it is no wonder she became patron in 1956, however the original Royal patron was Queen Victoria in 1885. Prince Michael of Kent is the homes President. Although Queen Victoria had once been Royal patron, no royal visit had been made to the kennels until 1986. Queen Elizabeth sent a letter requesting a visit to the site on April 28. On the nights before her visit all staff worked tirelessly to complete work on their new kennels, painters even used flashlights to be able to continue throughout the night. On the day of her visit The Queen toured and officially opened the Bell Mead Kennels in Old Windsor. She returned to the excitement of expansion, opening the Tealby Kennels in 1991. The Duchess of Cornwall stepped in for Queen Elizabeth in 2012 to open a new state-of-the-art cattery at Battersea’s London location.

For more information on Battersea Dogs and Cats home, to donate or to find a furry friend up for adoption please visit

photo credit: antonychammond via photopin cc

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