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The Royal Association: history of charities and patronages

In this series we will take a look at the history of charities and patronages of the Royal Family past and present. Throughout the series, we will spotlight a member of the Royal family and highlight a few of their charities and patronages. Do join us as we take a look into the interests, passions and dedication of the Royal Family and their patronages and charities.


It was George II who was first noted in the history books of involvement with a specific group, The Society of Antiquaries. Still in existence today, the Society’s Royal Patron is The Duke of Gloucester.

According to the British Monarchy, The Royal Family holds around 3,000 patronages of charitable organisations. The Queen’s patronages alone tally to around 600. A good number of her patronages were inherited from her father, George VI when she became Queen.

Patronages are usually chosen based on the interests of each individual member of the Royal Family.

Members of the Royal Family have associations with hundreds of charities, professional or public service organisations and public service organisations or military associations. There are some that are better known than others. There are many that perhaps may be of a local interest.

Whether it is the environment for Prince Charles, the military for Prince Harry or those focusing on children for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this series will take a look at each member of the Royal Family and uncover their passion and interests in those they help.

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