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Royal Nursery Diary – Week 2: The New Normal

It has been a week since the birth of little Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been happily filling their days getting acquainted with their new addition…


As the carefully designed nursery at the Middleton Manor welcomes its long-awaited guest, the young family and its doting hosts, Carole and Michael Middleton, the Duchess’ parents, are slowly but surely settling into normalcy redefined.

Triumph And Agony
For the new mother, the milk has come in, and with it, the stunning realization that her slight body is not yet her own, but rather the loving and willing servant of the precious king-in-waiting.  A cry, a whimper, a touch, the mere thought of him, in fact, brings about a powerful surge of emotions, which materializes into a rush of warm, flowing nutrition that begs to be received by the little heir, lest the assault of engorgement plunders forth.  Yet, Duchess Catherine stands in awe and wonderment at the astonishing efficacy of her body’s motherly instinct. As she basks in the triumph of her femininity’s ultimate fulfillment, her existence has never been so profoundly imbued with purpose…

Royal Development
In the meantime, H.R.H. Prince George has kept his parents on their toes as he expertly challenges their burgeoning parental confidence…

“Did he just hold his head up?”
“Watch his head!”
“Was that a smile?”
“0h, he certainly doesn’t like that…”
“Is he warm enough, do you think?…”
“Could he be having a temperature?”
“He doesn’t like me…”
“Those nappies seem much too big for him!”
“Is he breathing?”
“Why is he breathing so fast? Something is not quite right…”

Sleeping soundly in the traditional white moses basket lovingly chosen for him by his mother and grandmother at the fashionable Blue Almonds store in South Kensington, little Georgie, as they affectionately call him, is quite oblivious to the fuss and adulation his new-born presence brings about. Moved by the tenderness their young son brings about in her husband, and by the kindness and growing competence with which he takes on nappy duty, Duchess Catherine gently teases Prince William as he proudly lathers his son in diaper cream. They marvel at the soft peach fuzz (lanugo) that runs down his spine. The cord stump is about to fall off this week, and it has enjoyed plenty of airtime to dry in the sunlight, whisking away every last vestige of jaundice.

By now, the little master’s earlobes have thickened, and his vision is limited to 8-12 inches away. His favourite thing to look at are faces, especially Mummy’s whose high soothing voice he already recognizes and longs for, with fast-moving black and white patterns coming in a distant second place.

His lungs will take a well-needed respite this week as his four hours of crying decrease to two-and-a-half hours a day. Prince Harry should be delighted…

Surely, he must be getting ready for steak… I’m sure those are teeth I see!
Well… Actually, the little spots on Baby’s gums are more likely cysts or Epstein’s pearls which are quite benign, and will soon disappear.

“Is he getting enough milk?”
Duchess Catherine is amazed to discover the sheer amount of life-giving sustenance her body is able to provide for their “Little Grape“, if the 6-12 wet nappies he produces daily are any indication.

Stolen Moment
While Mrs. Middleton prepares an afternoon pot of tea to replace her daughter’s usual decaf Starbucks coffee, Prince William takes a peak into the nursery, looking for his beautiful bride. Rocking gently with her infant son nestled ever so comfortably in her arms, Duchess Catherine is the picture of love and serenity. Amazed at the natural progression of his lovely wife’s almost seamless transformation into motherhood, the Duke beams with pride as he gazes adoringly at his two most precious blessings in the world. In this moment, the new father is stunned by the powerful and overwhelming urge he feels to protect his little family from all the dragons in the world… He resolves to indeed become their knight in shining armour.

Bittersweet Oasis
As much as their sojourn in Bucklebury, Berkshire has become a well-needed oasis for them to embark on their new family life away from the prying eyes of the media, it is nonetheless made bittersweet by the undeniable reality that Prince William will soon have to return to duty as a Sea King search and rescue pilot in Anglesey, Wales. As independent as they may have been in the past, the two have now become one… Thus, anxiety grows, and tears may be shed as emotions and hormones run high, though Duchess Catherine will manage these emotions as gracefully as possible to spare her love the agonizing guilt of having to return to work.

… For now, may they dwell in near bliss, indulging just a few days more in lazy morning feedings in bed as a family of three…

photo credit: stevecadman via photopin cc

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