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Just what does Prince Charles think about becoming King?

For almost 62 years now, the Prince of Wales has been preparing for a job which he will one day inherit. With a tremendous amount of expectation on him and endless speculation about what his reign will be like, we are still very little the wiser after all this time over the Prince’s feelings towards the role what he will one day inevitably fulfil.


The inspiration for this piece came after doing some research on my article on how Prince Charles’s succession will work last week. After some thought on the matter, I began to wonder what it must be like to be in such a position as Prince Charles is, now the oldest male heir to the throne in British history.

It has been touched on occasionally by diarists and fed back to us all through alleged outspoken courtiers alike, though I always feel they malign him in their reports. They speak of a man desperate to be King and to radicalise the Monarchy under him, but the reality is very far from this.

The Prince of Wales doesn’t often give interviews, though it is from the rare occasions when he does and from numerous trustworthy sources that I have built up a truer picture of just why Prince Charles is much more than the mainstream media make him out to be.

To the Prince, it seems that becoming King is a duty more than something he’s longing for. Whilst Clarence House deny the claims that he thinks of becoming king as like a ‘prison’, the reasons for his anxiety of succession are a lot more complex. In an interview for an NBC TV show called ‘The Man Who Will Be King’ he described: “if it comes to it, regrettably it comes as a result of the death of your parent”.

It’s certainly not that he doesn’t want to become King, at least not based on previous comments, though there’s the prospect of having to give up his advocacy of climate change issues and other charitable causes close to him, which he has played down during interviews before but clearly weighs on him. It’s a well established constitutional fact that the Monarch must remain neutral in all matters – The Queen has managed this flawlessly, though will the Prince’s desire to help and promote change for the better cause issue with this?

Experience for the role is certainly not something Charles has to worry about. He has been in waiting longer than any other King in history and with him representing Her Majesty more, his transition to the throne won’t be as big a shock to the system in the same way that the death of George VI was, for example. The Royal Household are doing their best to try and create the smoothest transition possible, which so far they’re managing very effectively – popularity polls for the Prince are continually rising year on year and now, more people support Prince Charles becoming King after The Queen dies than Prince William – a big leap from what the results showed just a few years ago!

There’s also the issue of his wife. At the time of his marriage to the then Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005, Clarence House said that upon the Prince of Wales’s accession to the throne, she would be known as HRH The Princess Consort, a title never before used in the British Monarchy and examples elsewhere in the world being hard to come by also.

Experts have denounced the claims that Camilla will be Princess Consort because of the automatic nature of succession to the crown. Immediately upon Charles’s succession, Camilla will assume the title of Her Majesty The Queen, an act of parliament would be needed to formally change her title to something else and surely no one would want to go through the embarrassment of painstakingly reducing Camilla’s title! The Prince of Wales has alluded to dropping this idea in interviews before.

Being King is certainly not an easy task. The level of change that comes with assuming the role is seemingly the key thoughts of the Prince of Wales on succession to the throne. As he has said in interviews: “it’s better not to think too much about it except, obviously, if it comes then you have to deal with it” – which I think sums it all up very well from the Prince’s perspective.

For now though, Her Majesty’s health looks stable and it’s unlikely we’ll see the Prince accede anytime soon – The Queen will, of course, likely never abdicate. Prince Charles himself has described how he feels he may never even become King, owing to the longevity of his mother, saying “It’s all in the providence of God. I may drop dead long before then!”

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  • Philipe

    If HRH The Prince Charles dies before her mother Her Majesty The Queen, what would be the titles of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall ?

    • Royal Central

      By default, she should become HRH The Dowager Duchess of Cornwall. 🙂

      • Ricky

        A question for Royal Central:

        Do you think if that was to happen, The Queen would give her the courtesy title Princess Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall? I’m thinking of Princesses Alice and Marina, the Dowager Duchesses of Gloucester and Kent, both of whom were given those titles. Thanks in advance.

        • Royal Central

          It is possible, though it’s worth remembering these were never titles that were given per se. The Queen gave her permission for them to be used but they were never officially granted.

          • Mike

            Princess Alice was allowed to adopt that title as a courtesy by the Queen, but Princess Marina was already a Princess of Greece and Denmark in her own right by birth, so did not need permission to style herself in that manner.

        • robert

          The Duchy of Cornwall is not an honorary title like the other Royal Duchies (York, Cambridge, Kent, etc.). It automatically devolves on the Heir Apparent and has sizable property entailed. When Charles accedes or if he predeceases the Queen, William automatically becomes Duke of Cornwall, and Kate the Duchess. Most likely, Camilla will be made an honorary Countess.

          • Ricky

            You’re correct in saying when Charles becomes King, William will become Duke of Cornwall.

            But if Charles predeceases the Queen, William could never have that title. It is only conferred on the eldest son of the sovereign.

            I don’t believe there’s ever been any precedent for creating anyone an “honorary countess.” I’ve never heard of such a thing.


            Capillary should never be one queen if it was good enough for the Duke of Windsor to a a lactate it’s good enough for Charles to do the same he should not be treated any different

    • jo.

      non,she will be kikd out from palace,lol

  • MP

    He’s blessed to have the love and support of his mother up to now… Never too old to have a mother!

  • DuchessLazy

    Who cares, what a corrupt, filthy murdering family of parasites.

    • Ricky

      You cared enough to read the article, then continued scrolling down past the other comments. Then you drafted your own remarks, proofread them (I assume), then clicked onto “Post.”

      If you feel that way about the Royal family, why come here at all?

  • Grimswade

    Wasn’t William IV the oldest?

    • Garione

      William IV was 62. Charles is now 66

  • Would you mind doing an article on why Parliament allowed Charles to marry a divorcee and still remain in the line of succession when his Great Uncle David had to abdicate his Throne to be able to marry the divorcee Wallis Simpson? Has the Church of England changed its views that much? If they have, why did HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall have to have a civil union that was then only blessed by the COE? If Charles is to be “Defender of the Faith” as King, wouldn’t his own marriage conflict with that? Please explain.

  • Denyse Bissonnette

    Je serais d’accord que le Prince Charles devienne Roi mais pas que la Duchesse Camillia aspire à ce règne s’il advenait quelque chose arrive au Prince Charles. Le règne devrait revenir au Prince Willians s’il arriverait quelque chose au Prince Charles Camillia n’aurait rien à faire dans cette monarchie .Mon opinion personne

  • Kush S

    Perhaps you can have an article on what name will he choose to adopt Charles 3rd or George , keeping up with the traditions of his house

    • robert

      Edward VII and George VI were both named Albert; Edward VIII was named David. Victoria’s first name was Alexandrina. Charles could choose whichever name he wishes.

    • Ricky

      Prince Charles may choose any of the names he was born with as a regnal name. He could choose to be known as King Charles III, King Philip, King Arthur, or King George VII.

      A couple of years ago there were some fanciful stories in the tabloids saying he intended to honour his grandfather by reigning as King George VII, but I doubt this very much. It was probably something that originated in a columnist’s imagination, and concocted to sell newspapers to people who devour every royal story they see, whether true or not.

  • robert

    A lot of people have sold Charles short. I think he will be a splendid King.

    • Anne Williams

      So do I Robert. Few give him credit for all he has done. If all they want its a very pretty, friendly Moderne sovereign to SHOW off . We should VOTE for such a person instead to suit the majority of folk who did no wrong except to want a very kind and supportive companion to fulfil his very difficult position as a robot really. Thank heaven he had the time to really serve such important causes. He is concerned about our country side and the farmers about our young folk the Princes Trust helps. The inner cities and soulless housing blocks etc etc an has even gone around the world regarding the environment we are hell bent on destroying. All who really know him , know how kind and caring he is , altho he was a shy little boy once with such a weight on his young shoulders. I may never live to see him crowned but I have agreed with all things he cares for , a man after my own heart and all of us environmentalists and those who love what remains of our countryside and care about the sort of homes we have to live in our cities and all that is worth preserving that gives us pleasure. Ask all who gained because of the Prince’s Trust. like Dynamo the magician? He is a man for our times. As the Bible says, ” A prophet without honour in his own land”. Viva our GREEN Prince of hearts!!

  • Anne Williams

    Might as well have a robot or puppet, and simply to mouth what one’s Govt writes and called the Queen’s Speech!! The only time one gets to perhaps ‘suggest a little something would be on X’mas day. Our Prince of Wales has done so much of prime importance which most of his people do not give him credit for whatsoever. He even had to face the humiliation of seeing banners saying. ” We DON’T want Prince Charles we want Diana”. Just shows what a pretty friendly face can do.!!Better then to VOTE for someone like that instead. Perhaps an airhead even to entertain and make folk feel SO proud of one’s prettiness as one attending a Royal visit stated and NOT simply for espousing the most IMPORTANTcause of all. Or George Clooney?? Maybe one the Beatles??? Britain certainly crucified its future monarch with the help of M16 no doubt and the dark forces the Queen alluded to and for he failing to choose a woman to be his help meet and comfort amidst all his onerous duties and not one that needed full time attention as most of the late Princesses escorts found out .Such a pity she had not found a Dodi or other billionaire before to give her everything she ever wanted or did she simply want to be an English Duchess as the nick name her sisters gave her?? Whatever, some of us were aghast when we found out how young Diana was, a young Pop Princess however kind she appeared to be and so very naive as she admitted. Poor young lady she was mesmerised by the Title and the fantasy and not the reality.Given the constant carping and savage treatment by public and media its surprising that ANYONE would take on that Title. Some want to preserve that certain something , the mystique of the monarchy and others want them to be ‘just like us’ as the Dutch Royals are ? I wonder if Prince Charles ever thinks of KIng Hussein of Jordan who divorced twice but was greatly loved by his people and sighs???How the Royal family have survived all that has been thrown at them I’ll never know, They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  • DPJ

    I read on another Royal Central article that when Prince William does become The Price of Wales, his wife Catherine will NOT be Princess of Wales. Will someone please explain why not, considering Diana upon marrying Prince Charles, became Princess of Wales.

    • Ricky

      I’d be very interested to know about the article you speak of, since that doesn’t make any sense to me. Perhaps you read that in one of the comments by other readers.

      I don’t know of any reason why the present Duchess of Cambridge would not have the title “Princess of Wales” if/when William is created Prince of Wales.

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