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Diamonds are a (royal) girl’s best friend

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – A fact well-known since the Middle Ages, when they were used by members of royalty to protect them from illness, death, destruction, and ward off evil spirits by wearing a “magical” pendant. To this day, Royals still marvel at their wonder.large_7166016394

Queen Elizabeth has no shortage of the gemstone in not only the Crown Jewel collection, but her private collection as well. One such being the finest pink diamond ever found, cut to 23.6 carats and gifted to Her Majesty as a wedding gift from a Canadian geologist. The diamond became part of Williamson Diamond Brooch by Cartier.

The pink diamond is not the only record-setting stone to belong to the Royal Family. In 1905, the Cullinan Diamond was discovered in South Africa and then given to King Edward VII. It weighed a stunning 3,106 carats, which equals over £600 million in today’s currency. It was then cut down into just some of the following:

Cullinan I – Pear shaped and 530.2 carats, used in the Sovereign’s Sceptre.

Cullinan II – 317.4 carats rectangular cushion cut for the Imperial State Crown.

Cullinan III & IV – 94.4 carats and 63.6 carats part of Queen Mary’s Coronation Crown but can double up as a pendant and brooch set when used together.

Cullinan VII – 8.8 marquise diamond is part of the necklace in the Delhi Durbar Parure owned by Queen Mary and inherited by Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

Other Royal jewellery sparkling with diamonds include the Coronation earrings and 25 diamond, with 22.47 carat pendant necklace worn by Queen Victoria. It was then re-designed for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation.

Diana, Princess of Wales’ famous engagement ring that Prince William used to propose to Catherine, features a sapphire centre with a diamond halo.

Lastly, the Imperial Crown of India, graced with over 6,000 diamonds and other precious stones, has only ever been worn once by George V.

Diamonds, popular with the members of the Royal Family, it is no wonder it is also a favourite of women (and men!) worldwide. A timeless staple for all.

photo credit: UK Parliament via photopin cc

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