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Charity Spotlight: Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation

Throughout the month of December, we will be highlighting various foundations and charities of the royals in the spirit of the giving and festive season. Happy Holidays!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry aren’t the only royals concerned with matters related to mental health. Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Värmland, otherwise known as Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden, are also working to eradicate cyber bullying and bullying due to dyslexia.

Last year, after their wedding in June, the royal couple began the Prins Carl Philips och Prinsessan Sofias Stiftelse (Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation). The mission of their foundation is to ‘work against hatred and cyber bullying’. The royal couple has been victims of online bullies themselves, and they want to create a “fairer” and “friendlier” internet where it is attractive to be nicer to each other.

Since the internet is a social platform where we interact with each other, the goal is to change how we treat each other online and transfer those social behaviours to being kinder and better to one another in our relationships at school, training, work, etc. This type of bullying and online hatred are no different than the bullying and hateful behaviour in the real world.

The Prince and Princess have said, “To subject a person to bullying is horrible. To expose a child to bullying is terrible. We can not understand what all go or have gone through, but we have both experienced bullying.”

HRH Prince Carl Philip, HRH Princess Sofia and HRH Prince Alexander in August 2016. Photo: Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden.

HRH Prince Carl Philip, HRH Princess Sofia and HRH Prince Alexander in August 2016. Photo: Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden.

In August, they published a blog post, entitled “All children deserve to believe in their own value”, about ending the bullying going on around the world. As new parents to Prince Alexander, they feel it is crucial to take a stand, and they explained this by saying, “Hatred feels like no matter who you are and that new parents feel it is more important than ever for us.”

Another focus of their foundation is to carry out activities to help children overcome dyslexia, which is a learning disability that Prince Carl Philip has struggled with during his life. In Swedish näthat means bullying, and going hand in hand with cyber bullying, the foundation wishes to prevent the harassment due to dyslexia. Dyslexia can affect one’s ability to read and write. Carl Philip and Sofia’s Foundation seeks to educate the world about this disability; how those living with it are affected and what’s out there to help them succeed.

Like any other disability, the foundation’s mission emphasises that you can achieve all your goals in life – that dyslexia doesn’t need to stop you. From the foundation’s website, they explain, “Our ambition is to bring together a variety of actors with different experiences, knowledge, and insights. In this way, we hope to contribute to the increased exchange of ideas and new forms of cooperation. We want to contribute to change for real and believe that to achieve more together. Therefore, we look forward to many exciting collaborations in which we as partners raises and complement each other and, most of all, make a difference!”

You can read more about the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation here.

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