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By Royal Appointment: The Goring

Throughout all her years on the throne, the Queen has hosted many people from all over the world for joyous and sometimes not so joyous occasions. She, and all of the Royal family are always keen to ensure that those visitors enjoy their stay with them in a warm friendly and relaxed family atmosphere. That being the case, when they are unable to accommodate them in one of the Royal Palaces they seek that same atmosphere in a local hotel.

One of those such hotels is The Goring in Belgravia. It is the last family-run luxury hotel in London and has been providing hospitality in London for over a century. They passionately believe in indulging their guests with not only a high level of hospitality, but also a sense of fun. An aura about their guests stay which makes the hotel feel like home from home, but also aiming to surprise and delight even those who have stayed numerous times.

Each of its five suites (one even called the Royal Suite) comes complete with a dedicated footman to handle every wish of the guests in their charge. Not only are they dressed in brilliant scarlet tunics and gold-trimmed waistcoats, but their high standard of service and communication skills also reflects the desire of the hotel to provide a personal service second to none.

The Goring has had a long association with the Royal family, dating back to the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937 when accommodation was needed for the large number of foreign dignitaries attending the event. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in fact became a frequent visitor to the hotel and her favourite dish was Eggs Drumkilbo.

This is a starter featuring eggs and lobster, and was originally created by the chef at Drumkilbo House in Perthshire. The Queen Mother and her party had to stay an extra day due to a storm, the chef created meals from what was left in the larder. On HM The Queen Mother’s death, The Goring was granted the right to use the recipe by the Royal Household.

The standard of food in the hotel, reflects the same high standard of the other features and they are justifiably proud that they are one of only of four London restaurants to receive their first Michelin Star in the 2015 guide. The newly refurbished elegant dining room according to the guide provides a really pleasing mix of British classics together with lighter, more modern dishes, all prepared with great skill and understanding.

The association between The Goring and the Royal Family has continued down the years. Just like her parent’s Coronation, when our current Queen was crowned in 1953 The Goring once more played host to visiting dignitaries. In 1990, the head of the family George Goring received an O.B.E. from the Queen at Buckingham Palace for “services to the hotel industry”.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in 2011, the hotel was chosen for where the then Catherine Middleton stayed before the wedding. Two years later, the Queen bestowed the appointment of a Royal Warrant on the hotel. This makes it the only hotel to hold a Royal Warrant for hospitality services, and a recognition of the service it has given to the Royal family over the years. No doubt it is something it will strive to continue with its desire to bring the highest standards of hospitality, with a timely touch of fun.

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