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6 questions about the future of the British Monarchy

As the world welcomes Prince George, we take this opportunity to look at six things about the future of the Monarchy, near and distant.

When Prince Harry marries, what would be his and his wife’s title?

origin_8724901892When Prince Harry does eventually marry, it is highly likely he’ll be given a Dukedom like his brother Prince William (Duke of Cambridge). There is speculation about which Dukedom Prince Harry would be given with some sources reporting that the Dukedom of Sussex has actually been ‘reserved’ for the 5th-in-line. There are a whole list of possible Dukedoms available including the Dukedoms of Albany, Connaught, Clarence, and even Windsor amongst the options.

There is also a small chance that a title could perhaps be withheld until the Dukedom of York becomes available (traditional title for 2nd son of the Sovereign).

What will our next 3 Kings be called on the throne?

large_5907408758Monarchs have the facility to choose their own regnal name when they come to the throne, this can be different to their own first name. Our present Queen chose to be known as Elizabeth, which was also her first name as a Princess. Her father was known as Prince Albert but chose the name George when he became King.

It is expected that the next three Kings in line to the throne (Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George) will choose their own names as Kings because of their existing connection with the monarchy. Prince Charles is expected to reign as ‘King Charles III’, Prince William as ‘King William V’ and Prince George as ‘King George VII’. They could, of course, choose to reign under different names but as it stands, this is the most likely arrangement.

Will things be drastically different when the Prince of Wales comes to the throne?

large_5668650825When a new Monarch accedes to the throne, there can be a difficult and sensitive period during the transition which will seem strange to many, particularly because Queen Elizabeth has reigned for so long that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else as our sovereign. Prince Charles’s accession to the throne will be automatic when Queen Elizabeth II dies. Shortly after his accession, he and his wife will move into Buckingham Palace – he will be known as His Majesty The King and his wife Camilla as Her Majesty The Queen (there’s some debate as to whether she’ll assume the title of Princess Consort, though many experts denounce this suggestion as highly unlikely because of the lack of precedent).

Other minor things will begin to change including the cypher on post boxes (new ones being imprinted with C III R instead of E II R) and the face on banknotes and coins changing (both of these changes will happen over time and old ones will not be withdrawn from circulation, but rather old and new would circulate together with old gradually being removed in the normal way for coins and banknotes). Names such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs would become His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs also.

The national anthem will also change from God Save The Queen [back] to God Save The King.

What will happen if The Queen lives to celebrate 70 years on the throne?

large_2316585991On 6th February 2022, The Queen would celebrate 70 years on the throne, she would be 95-years-old. The anniversary of 70 years on the throne would be called a Platinum Jubilee and would probably be celebrated in much the same way as the Diamond Jubilee was in 2012 if not more because of the longevity of her reign.

Unless the present King of Thailand celebrates a Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth might be the first Monarch in history to celebrate (as in mark the occasion of) a Platinum Jubilee.

If he also lived that long, Prince Philip would be 100 years old, turning 101 in 2022.

Prince Charles would be 73 and Prince William would be 39.

What would happen if Prince Charles died before The Queen?

RAF Flypast over Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton

If Prince Charles died before The Queen then Prince William would become heir to the throne. This would mean he would become the next Sovereign after The Queen died. Whilst heir in this situation, he may be made Prince of Wales (though perhaps unlikely) but would not qualify to become Duke of Cornwall because the Dukedom of Cornwall is only automatically assumed by the heir to the throne who is also the eldest son of the Monarch.

It is not true that Prince Andrew would become the next King – he is currently 6th in line to the throne. Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Harry would have to be Sovereign or die first.

Will The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge ever be Queens?

HRH Prince Chares with HRH Camilla Duchess of Cornwall at Armed Forces Day in EdinburghYes, when Prince Charles becomes King, Camilla (known currently as the Duchess of Cornwall) will become Queen Camilla (known more fully as Her Majesty The Queen or  just The Queen). There is some debate as to whether Camilla might be made Princess Consort instead of being Queen, though this argument has been rejected by many experts who say not only is there no precedent for it.

However, if the new King (Prince Charles) expresses preference for this upon his accession, then Camilla can simply be known as the Princess Consort with no legal changes necessary.

When Prince William accedes to the throne, his wife Catherine (currently known as the Duchess of Cambridge) would become Her Majesty Queen Catherine.

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